WTNH News 8 Hires Erika Martin

WTNH News 8 welcomes Erika Martin, a Greater Hartford native to its Storm Team 8. Martin previously forecasted weather for the Sierra Nevada Region, Western Massachusetts and San Francisco. Prior to her on camera experience, Erika worked as a wardrobe stylist in New York.  Jeff Valin, with whom she will co-host News 8’s Good Morning Connecticut Weekend program, better come dressed and ready!

38 Responses

  1. So while she is “currently completing” her studies at Mississippi State (obviously, she won’t actually be on campus), will the geniuses at Channel 8 let this fashion-makeover-styist or whatever be calling herself a “meteorologist”??
    Obviously, qualifications to bring professional weather forecasts from someone with a bona fide career in meteorology (ala the late Dr. Mel) are not top priority with the management at Channel 8.
    Fashion knowledge and experience on MTV *are* qualifications to forecast the weather for the public, however.


  2. Yes, my cousin is officially a Meteorologist as she has completed the required courses. She will take the certificate exam which allows for a more accurate title of Broadcast Meteorologist, not just Meteorologist. In addition she is working towards earning her CBM seal through The AMS,

    I am confident that once you better understand the amount of work it takes to be as accomplished in the world of weather and television, you’ll appreciate her background at as a host at KNBC, MTV, E!, and Style . That allowed her to have a love for the camera, and apply her passion for science.

    Thank you.

  3. I appreciate your reply Ivy. Actually, the 2-year certificate program at Mississippi State, completed by what is now nearly a majority of on-air forecasters, provides a nice descriptive background to weather and forecasting. However, as you said..the MSU broadcast met program prepares you for TV, specifically, as “broadcast meteorologist” only; she would not quality for work with, say, the National Weather Service, aviation, forensic meteorology, consulting meterorology, or, really, anything *outside* of TV; a four-year degree, complete with calculus, physics, and math-based syoptics and dynamics, would have prepared her for a career in any application as a pure meteorologist; she might want to consider pursuing a full degree, in the future, should her love of the field lead her to want bigger things than local tv.

    I wish her well with the CBM exam; it’s tough.

  4. To: “An Actual Meteorologist”:

    Who cares whether she’s a meteorologidt, Joe, she’s hot, and you’re not. Anyone with a computer and internet access can be a meteorologist and give forecssts that are just as accurate as the drivel that most CT weather weenies put out. Meteorologisy, Smeteorologist … who cares?

  5. “MrLogical”:

    Did you see the outpouring of anger from Channel 8 viewers when they canned Geoff Fox?

    You are a fool if you really believe the drivel you just spit out. Your words speak for themselves.

  6. Mr Logical wrote “Anyone with a computer and internet access can be a meteorologist.” Come on! That’s like saying that anyone with access to WebMD can be a doctor. Yes, while many weather enthusiasts and hobbyists can put together a relatively accurate forecast based upon data collected online, that does NOT make them a Meteorologist. The “pretty face” factor does not figure in when I’m selecting a station to watch for my weather information. Give me a real meteorologist any day..

  7. I hope when she completes her education she will learn not to use the phrase “topping out” in every broadcast. I think she knows her stuff, just is becoming a household joke when listen to her and count the number of times she says “topping out.” None of the other WTNH meterologists seem to lean on this phrase quite as much. Just sayin’……

  8. Hey Tommy, I’m working on crutch words:) That was big in The Bay Area forecasting. Good to know! Thanks

  9. […] newscasts. But word reaches The Laurel that Steve has been sent to weekends and will be replaced by Erika Martin,hired in May of this year. That’s a lot of change for we land of steady habit folks to […]

  10. This is a JOKE. Have they mentioned who else they are hiring? They’re putting a web guy on the air during the weekend mornings. yes, a web guy that has NEVER EVER been on TV before. This is insanity. This is market 30. I can’t wait until the first snowstorm hits and they’re sitting around twiddling their thumbs..

    As for the MSU stuff, the current program as it stands is a good one.. but not qualifying for the CBM exam or AMS, she’ll need more hours to get that done.

    Geoff Fox did the same damn thing people.. yet he LEARNED over the years by forecasting. Anyone that’s smart can use their education and then a couple of decades of experience (in the same place especially) and become a whiz.. She is not only NEW and just getting her “certificate” but she’s BRAND NEW.. which means, she’s got a LOT to learn.. I might actually tune in to see the trainwrecks drive WTNH off the tracks ….

  11. Channel 8 has become a JOKE. A caricuture of local news. Weather is the #1 reason people even pay a little bit of attention to local news. And they’re replacing an experienced meteorologist–Steve McLaughlin..with this FASHION EXPERT they just hired, who is JUST COMPLETING her 2-year certificate from MS State in “Broadcast Meteorology”?
    WTNH “News” channel 8…you have NO RESPECT for your audience, and audience that had grown to trust PhD Meteorologist Dr. Mel, and decades-long atmospheric scientist Geoff Fox for knowledgable, authoritative, trustworthy forecasts.
    I never thought Channel 8 “news” could sink any lower. The same viewers who sent over 10,000 complaints to Channel 8’s News Director should do the same when they elevate this newbie “beauty queen” (and, most importantly, a LATINA) to “chief meteorologist.”
    What an absolute disgrace.
    People: STOP WATCHING CHANNEL 8 “NEWS.” YOU have the power.

  12. shows anybody can do the weather with q card in front of them , i bet she cant ad lib out of a paper bag wonder why 8 news doesnt get rating in the hartford area

  13. Getting so sick of wtnh doing what they do to their meterologists hope Steve just walked

  14. Steve McLaughlin is CERTAINLY a much better choice to do the weather. He is so charismatic and knowledgable. He needs to go back to being your TOP guy.He was a good choice after the station shafted Geoff Fox. Erika Martin should go back to weekends. She is just learning!!!

  15. Can Erika say ANY day of the week without prefacing it with “your”… as in your Monday, your Tuesday…your weekend.

  16. I stopped watching Channel 8

  17. Steve was very good, however, Erika Martin dresses so nicely, is not bursting out of her clothing, has a charming way about her, has put in weather forcasting time, is a pleasure to watch and listen to and keeps the drama to a minimum. I believe she is a great addition to the 5 and 6pm teams.

  18. Steve M is a top meterologist. What are the criteria for the top slot? When i saw Steve riding in the weather car- my only thoughts were he surpasses your assignments. WTNH has now achieved a new low. One viewer says Erika is “hot”. Is that a criteria for a position. channel WTNH- I now watch other channels.

  19. i think steve is a much better choice for the night news . erika is just not right. i think steve was treated badly.

  20. How to increase ch3, 30,&61 viewership? Stay with Erika Martin as she-
    Starts the show laughing and giggling like an immature teenager.
    Costantly uses that highly technical meteorlogical term “messy”
    Consistently stands in the wrong spot, blocking eastern ct and the rest of New England. The pros, Steve and Gil get it, they stand on the viewers left!!
    Talk as fast as a carnaval barker like you’re being paid by the word.
    Finish the segment laughing and giggling like an immature teenager.

    Steve got shafted and wtnh management will never admit the error.

  21. Erika,you are one of the best meterologist around.you know your job very well.what happned to scott haney.he was a good,funny,happy person.i watch your news channel.keep up the good job your doing for us ct people.god bless.

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  24. Wow. Just saw a forecast by Erika in a white Las Vegas Dress, with little to no actual weather knowledge. No reason to tune into channel 8 anymore. Bizarre.

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  26. Obviously it’s not WHAT you know anymore it’s who you know! Check out other stations like Channel 3 which has come long way. It’s nice their hiring folks from around the state not gypsy reporters who come from other areas for short periods of time. There’s a new reporter from Wethersfield whose extraordinary, check her out Courtney Zieller (sp?)

  27. DUBY why aren’t you REPORTING on other NEW reporters from other stations?? I also noticed you never respond, please do so. Thank you.

  28. WHY doesn’t Channel 8 utilize Sonja Bagdady more? COULDN’T stand Theresa L. On Channel 3 & now Channel 8 hired her……makes sense!!) SHES VERY ANNOYING voice wise as well as appearance.


  30. I think she’s great, too. She actually talks like she’s interested in the weather instead of the been there done that weariness of the others on at the same time. Also like that she doesn’t wear a bow tie.

  31. So now Steve has left Channel 8 as well; can’t say that I blame him as he was pushed to the back when Erika joined the station. The only good meteorologist left there is Gil Simmons and his is the only forecast I watch on Channel 8. Erika Martin and Sam Kantrow might be nice people, but the management at Channel 8 needs to give some serious thought to their selections. Erika speaks much, much too quickly and I am always left wondering what she just finished telling viewers because all I hear is her fast-paced monotone voice and am unable to concentrate on what she is trying to say. She uses too many catch phrases (westerlies, northerlies) that she thinks are cute and someone should tell her that whenever she says “hour by hour” or “showers”, her voice grates on viwers’ ears with her accentuated pronunciation. And Sam needs to get better-fitting suits (they look much too small for him) and work on his on-air personality, which currently does not exist. Better yet, Channel 8, please hire someone more mature with a pleasant on-screen personality to do the Monday through Friday nightly forecasts and hire a new weekend evening meteorologist. Keep Sam on weekend mornings to give him a chance, but let Erika handle WXEdge.com (another phrase she constantly says that is annoying) and the mobile weather unit.

  32. If only Erika would just eat cat vomit she’d be considered a serious meteorologist in this state. It’s a shame that dedicated but female has less credibility than male and attention-starved.

  33. she may be hot, for you men, but we want a meteorologist, not a fashion place..shame on channel 8..i switched to fox 6, Rachel Frank, a true meteorologist…

  34. Erika is excellent in forecasting the weather. She’s been accurate as far as we are concerned in my household. Good job Erika! Keep up the good work. Erika, where do you shop for your fantastic clothes ??

  35. Have a problem with the Hispanic pronunciation of her surname, Bob? Glad to know your predispositions.

  36. Hey folks she’s terrible!! Steve was a fine replacement for Geoff but we know what happened there….Rachel Frank is the Blueprint for a female Meteorologist. Channel 8 is the bottom of the ratings game for a reason.

  37. 8 is 2nd in the ratings. Fox is at the bottom. So what does that mean to your theory? Also: how often does Frank (or anyone else but Erika) guest on national broadcasts?

  38. Stay Classy, Mike.

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