Changes at WFSB?


Karen Lee

We hear…

that Tina Martin is off the weekend morning anchor desk…Kim Lucey is replacing her…and that reporter Karen Lee has moved on.


45 Responses

  1. Good moves.

  2. Not happy. As a long time viewer of WFSB I truly enjoyed and looked forward to watching Tina Martin. She is full of personality and was a breath of fresh air. Let me guess she did not fit the tv mold!!!

  3. Once again WFSB gets it wrong. I definitely think according to them she “didn’t fit the tv mold”. Switching to NBC Connecticut where I can see a representative from several races, not just one.

  4. So it has to be about race?

  5. I believe Kim has a great delivery and presence when delivering news stories,be in the field or the anchor desk.

  6. Ummmm, I’m 45 years old, and I can pretty much name every minority who has ever worked for WFSB….so yeah, I’d say race is important to SOMEBODY…

  7. Personally, I’ve been rather offended by WFSB for their lack of anchors of Asian descent, Pacific Islanders, Uyghurs, Indian/Punjabi, Creole, Native American, Inuit, Arab, Tamil, Nepalese/Pahari, Bahun, Pashtun, Turkmen, Turkish, Tajik, and Baloch.

    Until they right this obvious discrimination and injustice in their hiring policies for anchors, I will no longer watch them.

  8. What does race have to do with it? It’s about being a good communicator and storyteller. Just because you’re a capable reporter doesn’t mean you’re a good anchor. Let’s face it, Tina Martin has some skill as a reporter but that does not necessarily translate to the anchor desk and – in her case – it didn’t. To be blunt, I’d call Tina Martin a pretty average reporter – never get the sense she’s hustling for a story or breaking new ground. As for Karen Lee, just another relatively inexperienced cheap hire they brought in to see if she could cut it and she couldn’t so she’s gone.

  9. Average reporter? Jealous much? Tina has talent and is one of the best people I’ve seen on the anchor desk at the station. Hopefully she will go where they recognize talent.

  10. wfsb is the least diverse news station I have seen in a blue state ever. Screw them! None of their on-air talent is up to par for the market and their news judgment is pretty mediocre.

  11. And, I must add Berbers. They have never hired and anchor of Berber descent.

    Until I see a Berber in the anchor chair, or one of the other aggrieved and underrepresented minority groups I listed above, I shall not watch WFSB news.

  12. Very sad that Tina is no longer the weekend anchor. She has such a kind delivery; like someone you would take pride in knowing personally.
    She dressed meticulously. What a loss….

  13. Glad to see Kim Lucey on the w/e reports. Tina Martin seemed ok out in the field, but she seemed uncomfortable on the w/e desk. Kim is quite vivacious and wide awake. Tina’s body language on the desk spoke volumes.

  14. Kim seems awkward and uncomfortable. Tina was warm and genuine. She will move on to bigger and better I am sure.

  15. Tina was one of the BEST weekend anchors I have seen in a very long time. She has more Field experience than anyone currently on staff there. She also come to Channel 3 with a lot of experience from working in Massachusetts. She EARNED that desk position. She was not “Uncomfortable” as someone else pointed out. I hope channel 3 reverses this decision. It’s crazy that they even considered this move. Tina Martin was placed on the Anchor desk in August of 2013. Not even 6 months later, she is put back to field? And Kim Lucy now is face of weekends? I don’t think so. (Sorry kim no offense intended)

    This is simply a scared management team at Meredith mis-interpreting audience numbers and market reports. I enjoy (And need) LOCAL newscasts. But I have no problem relying on the Internet for that f I have to. Channel 8 is not my market, and they do not have the talent that Channel 3 typically has had (Till now)

    Finally, Channel 3 also (In my opinion) has the responsibility to let the audience know directly that they are making changes. They didn’t let us know his change was coming. Dennis House had to fill fill in. PLus Alyessa Steponova has apparently left, no warning of that as well. So, it’s par for the course.

    Please re-instate Tina Martin to the weekend Anchor desk,

    Thank you.

  16. Oh a viewer wants it to go back the way it was. That’s out of the ordinary. Decision has been made. One note on this blog won’t change it. And Olessa announced she was leaving months ago.

  17. Let’s see if Kim gets the Facebook support that Tina had. Let’s face it: Tina was the “odd one out”. Black, Not a size 10. I really applaud Meredith for even giving her 6 months. NOT

  18. Ooh, Facebook support: the true measure of an anchor’s skills.

  19. Dissapointed that Tina won’t be on the weekend news.
    I’ve been watching channel 3 for many yrs but
    I will be watching another station……..

  20. Yeah, we believe that. You watched for years. Six months ago someone got a tryout at anchor and it didn’t stick. And for that you will change stations? Wanna know a secret? You’re lying. Or at least exaggerating. You aren’t going anywhere because a station made a minor change involving its secondary anchor lineup. And the station knows that.

  21. I am just going to be honest here……I had STOPPED watching WFSB on the weekend BECAUSE Tina was NOT a good anchor. I think she is a fine reporter, but as an anchor, she was consistently getting things wrong, messing up, getting things wrong, and just having to constantly correct herself. I wondered why WFSB kept her on as long as they did. It takes a different set of skills to be an anchor than it does to be a reporter. Only a few can do both well. Tina is not one of them. May she continue to excel as a reporter and congratulations to WFSB on a tough, but smart decision to replace Tina on the weekend anchor desk. Stop the race thing. It has nothing to do with it.

  22. Moving on to NBC news… Love you Tina Martin..God has something better planned for you…keep up the great work!!!

  23. Why is Tina off the weekend news? Where did Karen lee move on to? Disappointed!!

  24. Bye Bye WFSB no Tina Martin im not watching.

  25. No one believes you. And no one cares. News isn’t one on-air person. It certainly isn’t one on-air morning weekend person.

  26. “Anonymous” what are you talking about? Obviously people can choose to watch another station if they want. It’s done every day. To be blunt, you sound like a bitter has been with an ax to grind. Stop commenting you sound like an idiot.

  27. Stacey, so I am to believe that Tina has worked there as a reporter for years, not as an anchor, then got a brief run as a weekend AM anchor, and because she is moved back to reporter that some longtime viewers who apparently watched during all those years that Tina was a reporter will now move to a completely different channel 7 days a week? How does that even make sense?

  28. You’re an idiot.

  29. translation: Stacey has no logical argument the other way.

  30. If people don’t like what they see they can and will change the channel. It doesn’t matter how long they have watched it. Period. Especially a weekend show. Let’s all just wait and see.

  31. I never found Tina Martin awkward. I thought she was personable and prrofessional. I think she was a great anchor. In fact, I think she was one of the best. Perhaps that’s the problem. I am disappointed.

  32. When you look at see only caucasian reporters, anchor people you have to ask why aren’t there more african american, asian, etc people. Scott Hanley and dennis, kara denise seem to dominate news broadcasting at this channel. So race does matter. Market studies who do you ask and why? Whites seems even in this day seem only comfortable with their own, their perceptions, their needs, their dominiance other cultures exist and need to be present.
    let’s face it tina had a better presentation than this new girl who is dry, quite boring. sorry kim i see no better presentation than tina martin.
    better yet it seems all the news casters have the same format for the delivery of news. we aren’t talking talk shows. who says we get don’t get tired of denises vioice or the others same monitone, etc so what does it take.
    if a martian came to this planet and watched tv all they would see is white people that doesn’t make psychological sense. Does this mean that they can only relate to their own that is sad other cultures exist and need to be present. why is the question why aren’t we all of the same blood once we remove the skin? This is the 21st century.
    Please reconsider if we are true to presenting the news a balance socieity truthfully represented.
    thank you

  33. I won’t be watching wfsb weekend newscast either. I enjoyed Tina Martin. Not sure if it’s a race thing or not ! who cares’ I can exercise my rights by choosing not to watch on the weekends.

  34. Like many others I am disappointed I won’t see Tina Martin on channel 3;poor judgement on the powers that be.Donna

  35. I no longer tune in on the weekends to WFSB news, it’s just not the same without Tina Martin. She and Mike made a great team. I hope it’s not about race, they did put her in the seat so I’d like to believe that is not the case. I certainly am not a fan of Tina because of her race. I’m white, she’s not, who cares this is 2014. I like her because of her personality and how well she did her job. And I liked to see what she’d be wearing, she had great style. Wishing you the best Tina and hope to see you again on one of the stations in CT!

  36. It’s all about ratings. Christine.

  37. Me neither. I’ve been watching NBC.

  38. The most talk about a weekend anchor assignment ever. Don’t care, never will. They do news on weekends?

  39. Tina is a fan favorite obviously “anonymous” thats why there are so many comments.

  40. If she was a fan favorite, she wouldn’t have been pulled of the show now would she?

  41. “Anonymous” you sound jealous. It happens all the time in tv. Aren’t you reading the comments? People like Tina. What channel are you on? BTW my name is Kelly, what’s yours? Alot of courage behind an anonymous handle.

  42. Veronica,
    Please put Tina back on the weekend at wfsb3

  43. well when you’re in a sophisticated position like that it’s not good to be on Facebook posting certain comments and think you can continue to maintain that anchor status…..she is really the only anchor that post comments/statuses on Facebook that doesn’t go very well with her title.. Maintaining clean professionalism is very important with the type of position she held….her mouth on Facebook is what put a hamper on her professional image…..sorry to see her go but maintaining professionalism is important…the things she would post wasn’t good for her anchor character…quite a few times, her hair was off the chain…she was too pretty to come on tv with her hair looking a hot mess…she brought it on herself…ooohh and I’m an African American woman….feel bad for her…

  44. Bethy you sound like yet another African American crab in a barrel. I always found Ms. Martin to be professional and and outstanding representative of all woman not just African American. You shouldn’t take the success of others so personally. My name is Anita Bell.

  45. Betty sounds like a serious hater. I feel sorry for her.

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