Another Departure from WTNH?

We can’t vouch for the accuracy of this post, but here’s what the national website “NewsBlues” is reporting:

Jeff Valin, a reporter and weekend news anchor for the past two years at WTNH-8-ABC in New Haven, CT (Market #30), will not be renewed when his contract expires at the end of the month, a tipster reports. 

Valin was hired in March 2012 from WGGB-40-ABC/Fox in Springfield, MA (Market #114).

12 Responses

  1. Seems that the rumors around Christmas were true that Mr. Valin’s contract wouldn’t be renewed. Pity. Thought he was pretty good on the weekends, but not a fan of Sam’s.

  2. The other rumor is that news directior al carl will be the next to go. he had no major market exprience when the gm hired him and has taken news 8 to bottom. sad.

  3. he should go back to springfield. he is older. where else could he go? i have a sneaky feeling…. just a newsroom vibe… he will be replaced with noelle.

  4. I thought they might be auditioning Stephanie Simoni the last few times she filled in on weekends for Erin and the few times she worked for Ali in the morning.

  5. I was looking at their website and don’t even see Noelle Gardner’s photo or bio on their on air talent page. I can’t wait to see the day that Ms. Nyberg is gone. Personally, I think she is as fake as they come and isn’t as well liked as everyone thinks.

  6. why is the news director destroying the station? why? wtnh is a commercial tv station and a public trust. i would like to see the mayor of new haven and the governor of connecticut take a hard look at what is happening there. wtnh has a mandate to serve the people of our state. if by the appointment of newbie news director al carl they not fulfilling that mandate in a responsible manner our state officials must contact the fcc. all carl and the gm seem to be able to do is fill the staff with the youngest, least experienced and short skirted journalists they can find. this is not serving in the public interest. if LIN feels pressure maybe they will put someone responsible in charge cleaning house from the GM downwards. Can you imagine if News 8 had a responsible journalist like News 12 news director Tom Appleby in charge? How can you compare him to Al? They have gotten dozens of emmys over the years and are an asset to the state. What has news 8 gotten?

  7. A public trust? Television stations stopped being public trusts a long time ago — that’s why their newscasts are becoming little more than drive-time AM radio with pictures.

  8. In looking at Carl’s bio, he is hardly a newbie. 8 is doing just fine – they shuffled some anchors just like NBC30 and they aren’t crossways with the FCC like WFSB. A look at the overnights say they are the same place they have been for years a solid two. Someone really has an ax to grind with him from the looks of this board though. I wonder where and when they got shown the door.

  9. Did Jeff’s move to Kansas City just get nixed because of a terrible management review?

  10. Valin out, Rob Morrison in.

  11. So jealous. So inexperienced. So sad.

  12. I just saw that Jeff Valin was freelancing for NBC ……he was surely a great anchor on 8 loved watching the news with him and Sam on the weekends.he will be missed but if he’s on NBC I will watch. Kitt

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