Big Loss for Connecticut Journalism

Hartford Courant Politics Editor Rick Green is moving on. In case you didn’t know that Rick was Politics Editor, and still think of him as a  columnist, or a reporter who covered casino gambling, there’s a reason for that; he’s done it all on the news side of the paper. And he’s also been prolific on the internet. He started at the Courant in 1987 and built upon every experience so well. He reported for several years, and then took that knowledge base and wrote columns which allowed him to put the facts in perspective. As a recent Courant memo said, “Rick’s work made a difference. He was unrelenting in exposing the flaws of Connecticut’s probate system, with gripping stories such as the one about an elderly Waterbury man locked in a nursing home. He wrote extensively about the state’s takeover of the Hartford public schools. And one of his more memorable columns captured the fear parents felt as they sent their children back to school after the Sandy Hook massacre.”

The good news here is that he’s leaving for a great job, and it’ s in his home state. So while he, his wife and teenage/20-something children will be leaving their home in West Hartford, they’ll be going back  to family and friends. Rick has been named Director of Communications for the University of Vermont Foundation in Burlington. Great town, great university, awesome lifestyle. But boy, will he be missed.


5 Responses

  1. Rick will be missed indeed.

  2. Big loss indeed. Best of luck to Rick and his family.

  3. […] The Laurel reports that Rick Green, who started his career at the Courant as a hot-headed reporter in the Middletown Bureau, is leaving his post as political editor and moving to Vermont. […]

  4. Reblogged this on deborah media and commented:
    Another great journalist chooses a new road.

  5. I first met Rick when he was the beat reporter for Bloomfield. He covered some highly sensitive stories with great perception and kept the stories informative without being sensationalized. I also followed his search for justice on several fronts in his columns. It’s a big loss for the Courant, but Vermont is lucky to have him! Good luck Rick.

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