Erika on GMA

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WTNH is an ABC affiliate and one of its meteorologists is getting called up to the majors for a few days; Erika Martin will do the weather on “Good Morning America” this weekend.

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  1. do you think newbie news director Al Carl would ever get called up to New York?

  2. it must be the DRESS!!!

  3. Ginger Zee (years in a top market, 4-yr meteorology degree) she is not; she’s still relatively green off the Mississippi state online weather program. What she IS, is female, Latina with the right “look,” esp. in heavy makeup. Don’t watch much local news anymore, but what I have seen of her doing weather, she’s o.k., though doesn’t, IMO, command much credibility ala Geoff Fox or the late Dr. Mel.

  4. They have called her up before ! I like
    her but the new guy Justin not so much. I like Sam too , I hope they keep him ! They have had many changes at
    WTNH .

  5. Sam is simply a freelancer and hanging on a thread I have heard. he has not helped the numbers so why is he even there?

  6. Sam is much better than Justin. I think the numbers are not his fault they have so many people coming and going , I also can’t understand why the am team does not sit at a desk anymore it’s been about a month now.

  7. She was even on World News Tonight. Have a feeling she’s the next Ginger Z. And the jealous trolls on this board will still knock her. Ah, envy.

  8. She is smart, quick, and to the point. After the weather with Erika, my father always says, ” so, is it gonna rain or what??” She looks great!!

  9. Great job on GMA,

  10. GMA sure uses her a lot these days.

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