NBC CT adding to the Sunday Political Talk

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The political season is upon us (wait, you hadn’t noticed?) so the timing is good for NBC CT to launch a Sunday morning political interview program. “Decision 2014″ will air at 10 am as a lead-in to “Meet the Press”. Hosts will include Gerry Brooks, Todd Piro and George Coli. The show will run from now until Election Day. Kudos to the management of NBC CT, whose predecessors relegated Tom Monahan’s “Newsmakers” to 6 am and eventually put it to sleep. It’s great to see more on-air political discourse.

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9 Responses

  1. Hope you will consider interviewing Joe Doering, who is running as our district representative. Joe has a great deal to offer and is not yet broadly known. Thank you!

  2. This should be excellent. Colli an excellent newsman

  3. Cheerleader Nick – Be productive not destructive.

  4. I’ve missed a political talk show on NBC CT!

  5. where is Kayla James?

  6. Finally NBC CT! We have been waiting in our home for a local political show. I really don’t care who hosts the show we just need good conversation. I’m just glad they tapped a local guy in Colli

  7. Interesting programming decision to go directly against The Real Story, or was it dictated by the network line-up and Meet the Press?

  8. Obviously it is to lead in to Meet the Press. This will show how lame face the state is. Does anyone watch the real story anyways?

  9. Wow. Another talking head snorefest. Just what the market needed.

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