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Some criticism is beginning to surface on line in the aftermath of the live shot murders of two WDBJ journalists earlier this week. Some online posters are concerned that the story is turning into one about how dangerous it is to be a journalist. Critics think this is more a story about workplace violence, personnel management, and mental illness.

Having said that – the WDBJ murders are forcing news directors to rethink the safety of news crews in the field.

Bob Jordan, who has run newsrooms from Los Angeles to Florida, posted a list on Facebook of common TV news practices he thinks should stop immediately. The first one has always been a concern of this poster: Sending a reporter to knock on the door of a suspect in a violent crime. Seems like a dumb idea right from the start.

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Morning Heather


Former WFSB anchor and reporter Heather Hegedus is moving from weekend nights to weekend mornings at Fox 25 in Boston.

She’s been with Fox 25 since 2012.

Dr. Red Duke

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Dr. Red Duke is dead at age 86.

Duke was a Texas trauma doctor who was working in the emergency room the day President Kennedy was killed in Dallas. He gave care to Texas Governor John Connolly that day.

Later he moved to Houston where he founded the Life Flight helicopter system.

He’s known to television viewers in these parts because for years he packaged weekly syndicated health reports seen around the country including Hartford’s channel 3.


Duke’s iconic mustache, expressionless delivery, and slow drawl reminded viewers of actor Sam Elliott.

Hicks Help

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Hope Hicks leads Ramos back into Trump newser.

A few weeks ago we pointed out Neil Vigdor’s story on women from Greenwich who happen to occupy top communications roles in the White House or on the road to the White House.

This week we got a glimpse of one of those women in action in Iowa.

After Donald Trump had Univision anchor Jorge Ramos tossed from this news conference Tuesday it was up to Hope Hicks of Greenwich to track Ramos down outside and bring him back in with the promise he’d get to ask a question if he would wait his turn.

Hicks is Trump’s top communications aide.

Maxon 20


NBC CT meteorologist Bob Maxon is celebrating 20 years with the station today.

He came to Hartford from WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire, well known for its important role in the quadrennial race for the presidency. All roads to the White House pass through WMUR.

Congratulations Bob. Fair winds to you.

Live Shot Security


In the 24 hours following the live shot shooting in Virginia people in the news industry are thinking about security.

Television and radio stations have long been considered possible targets for violence. In wartime they are often among the first targets.

While reporters are always at some risk when in the field it is fair to say that witnessing a shooting on live television is making lots of reporters and cameramen think about just how vulnerable they are. There is also the unspoken fear of a copycat attack in the immediate aftermath of the WDBJ incident.

The question is; what to do? Not every TV crew can have its own security team and there is a high premium placed on “going live” at all levels of television news.

Kelly And Ramos

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The two most hated journalists in Trumpland(so it seems) were together Wednesday night on Fox News.

Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor tossed temporarily from a Donald Trump news conference in Iowa Tuesday afternoon, appeared with Megyn Kelly to answer questions about what happened.

Under fair questioning from Kelly, Ramos defended his right to ask Trump tough questions about his immigration policies even if Trump doesn’t like the questions, Ramos, or Univision. In the end, it appeared Kelly and Ramos were in agreement on that point.


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