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Brad Kane is leaving his position as managing editor of the Hartford Business Journal for the job of editor at the Worcester Business Journal.

The HBJ and WBJ are sister publications.

Kane’s last day with the Hartford paper was Monday. He started work as a reporter for the HBJ in 2010 and was promoted to managing editor in 2013. Since the two papers sometimes share content it’s possible HBJ readers may see Kane by-lines from time to time in the future.

Fox 24/7


For those of you looking for an all news radio product there’s a new service starting this week on Sirius.

Fox News has launched a round the clock headline news service that updates every 15 minutes. Give them 15 minutes and they’ll give you the world. That includes regular updates on social media trending subject matter.

Tribune Buyouts


Tribune Publishing, the parent of the Hartford Courant, is once again offering a buyout package across its properties in an effort to cut costs.

Non-union employees have until October 23rd to accept a buyout package.

Tribune Publishing owns 11 papers in all.

Social Action


We normally stay away from horse race/ratings stories for a variety of reasons, but we found this one interesting.

It shows the social media contest between local television stations. Close race. Huge numbers on all sides.

The Future Is Now

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This is not breaking news. You all know that technology in the news business is rapidly changing and that also means the look of content is changing.

Still, it’s remarkable to see more and more journalism being created with a phone and not much more. After all some of us remember when cell phones looked like this.


The genesis of this post comes from a story about KCBS in Los Angeles recruiting two one man bands who will gather news using “prosumer” equipment. Union rules will prohibit them from appearing on camera on air – but they will be able to appear on camera for the web.

This experiment has been tried elsewhere.

H/T – News Blues

Speaking of Guns

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Here’s a story related to journalism, public relations and politics.

One of the most interesting headlines of the last 72 hours comes from The New Yorker.

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Sometimes the only way to get through to politicians is to frame an issue in the most obvious terms.

It’s why Senators Blumenthal and Murphy have resorted to accusing their colleagues of complicity in recent mass shootings. They understand members of Congress will only act if they are left with no rhetorical escape from the issue.

Don’t Name the Shooter


In the aftermath of last week’s shooting at a community college in Oregon there are new calls for federal gun control legislation and a strong movement to deny perpetrators of such crimes the notoriety they seek.

Connecticut Senators Blumenthal and Murphy were out front at the end of the week calling for new national gun laws in the strongest terms they’ve used to date. Blumenthal charging the U.S. Congress with “complicity” through inaction in the many gun deaths that have occurred since Sandy Hook.

Meanwhile, journalists are struggling with a new debate over whether the names of those responsible for mass shootings should be identified in the media. The #dontsayhisname campaign got a strong boost from Douglas County Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin, who argues many of the young men responsible for the nation’s most recent shooting rampages are seeking fame.

Here’s a sampling of opinions as the debate develops:

Why It’s Important to Name the Shooter –

Kelly, Cooper Correct Not to Name Names –

More Police Refusing to Identify – AP via Boston Herald

It Doesn’t Matter What He Wanted – Slate


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