WTNH Set Change

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Construction is underway on a new set at WTNH in New Haven.

Anchor Darren Kramer posted some video on Instagram of the tear down operation as work begins.

The changes come to channel 8 after refreshes earlier this year at WFSB and NBC CT.

No word on when the reveal is scheduled. In the meantime, the news is being anchored from the newsroom.

Podcast Primer

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If you’re thinking about podcasts(and we admit you probably weren’t until we mentioned it), then you might find this program of interest.

Sitting in for the vacationing Colin McEnroe, Mark Oppenheimer did a show on the topic Wednesday afternoon on WNPR. Oppenheimer had a good panel of people involved in the podcast community. They were able to answer some questions, but others were left unanswered or open-ended. As in, stay tuned on the future of the genre.


Follow up now on a story we told you about a couple weeks back.

NPR is meeting with local stations in an effort to address the network/station relationship and develop new means of collaboration. Here’s another take on the process and the promise.

Olbermann Leaving

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As we predicted last week, it appears Keith Olbermann is leaving the ESPN family again.

Olbermann and the network apparently couldn’t agree on a new contract when the company asked Olbermann to refrain from offering commentary on his ESPN2 show. That was enough to kill the possibility of deal.

The Hollywood Reporter story on the situation also reveals an effort to move the Olbermann show from New York to Bristol might have saved the company $40 million. The same story says the plan to move the Mike and Mike radio program to New York has also been scuttled in an effort to cut costs.

WGGB Has Patience

patience hettrick

Patience Hettrick (above) was named News Director at WGGB in Springfield this spring; we appreciate our readers’ patience as it took us a few months to post this despite the fact that Patience is a good friend of The Laurel! Patience moves to WGGB after serving as Assistant News Director at another Meredith-owned station, WFSB, for the past 8 years (her tenure at channel 3 began in 1998). Her successor at WFSB has just been named: Shawana Perry, former Executive Producer who had moved on from WFSB but is back as Assistant News Director. We’re told her co-workers are happy she has returned.


Master Griffin

Catching Notice


Robin Roberts, who before Good Morning America was a major presence in Connecticut as part of ESPN, has been chosen to emcee the ticker tape parade planned for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team later this week in New York City.

The parade starts at 11a.m. and marks the first time in more than three decades that New York has hosted a parade for a winning team not based in NYC.

Lisa Desjardins is a quirky personality worth watching. We first took note of her on New Year’s Eve 2012 when the U.S. Capitol press corps had last minute fiscal cliff negotiations staked out. Desjardins showed up at midnight in New Year’s Eve party attire urging her colleagues to celebrate with her. Back then she was working mostly for CNN radio. She then got national notice when she was laid off from CNN and posted this video.

Now she is with the PBS Newshour and has just been promoted to political director. If her personality is allowed to come through she could end up as a cross between Chuck Todd and Bill Geist(the elder).

We told you this is one to watch.

Former CNN anchor Lynne Russell continues to make news after she and her husband were involved in a gunfight at a New Mexico Motel 6.

You have to wonder whether there is more to this story. Don’t you? The picture of her wedding cake offers the first clue. Nothing unusual here!

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