Where In the World…

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….is former WFSB reporter Hallie Jackson?

Monday we spotted Hallie, reporting for NBC News, from Hawaii where she and her crew were in the path of a volcano about to swallow an entire neighborhood.

Gray Talks About Cancer


Though he says it had nothing to do with his recent retirement(talks had begun before he got the news) former WTIC sports reporter Scott Gray has revealed he recently underwent treatment for prostate cancer.

Gray broke the news in a column in the West Hartford Press(You can read it here in Flipbook format). He underwent surgery less than a week after his final broadcast on the Ray Dunaway show. In the article Gray talks about his extended support group which includes former UCONN basketball coach Jim Calhoun.

“I owe my life to so many people who were part of the process, my wife not the least of them. I said to her at one point, “I remember when I was a kid, back in the ’50′s. Just the word ‘cancer’ was a death sentence.”

“It’s not so today. The odds of beating it increase every day. Information is the key. You hold the key to that information. Don’t take your health lightly. Get your annual physical. If you’re worried about the cost or inconvenience, think about the alternative.”

Gray says all his post operative tests have come back with good results, but regular testing will now be part of his health routine.

Sunday Talk

Face the State WFSB 11 am






Host: Dennis House

Tom Foley – Republican for Governor

Flashback – 2006 Race for governor between Jodi Rell and John DeStefano


Decision 2014 NBC Connecticut 10:00 am

HD Logo NBC CT SMALL RGB on black



Highlights of Thursday evening’s gubernatorial debate and analysis with Max Reiss of NBC CT and Susan Haigh of the Associated Press.


CT Capitol Report FoxCT Sunday 10:30am







Host: Tom Dudchik


The Real Story Fox CT Sunday 10:30am







The Stan Simpson Show Fox CT Saturday, 6:30am, online at










Focus on Connecticut News 12 Saturday: 7:30am, 11am, 2:30pm, 7:30 pm Sunday: 2:30am, 7:30am, 11am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm

Host: Tom Appleby

Laura Devlin(R) – 134 House District Candidate

Tara Cook(D) – 134 House District Candidate


CTN: Capitol Report: Week in Review Sunday at 8pm replays of: The Real Story (8:30pm), Face the State (9:00pm), The Stan Simpson Show (9:30 pm)

Debate Drama

(Christine Stuart photo)

Just when it seemed the gubernatorial debates were growing routine some drama bubbled up at NBC CT last night. The West Hartford-based station set out three chairs in the event that Republican candidate Tom Foley decided to show up, though he had indicated he would not. Soon came word that Foley was a few miles away at WFSB in Rocky Hill taping this Sunday’s edition of “Face the State”.  That raised eyebrows and had the assemblage of reporters and NBC CT staffers questioning the wisdom of Foley’s decision. During the hour-long debate, featuring only Malloy and Visconti, Moderator Gerry Brooks reminded television viewers five times that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley declined to attend the debate.

Had a blast asking questions with Gerry Brooks and Max Reiss at tonight's NBC Connecticut gubernatorial forum!! What a nice crew. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!
NBC CT Political Reporter Max Reiss and the AP’s Sue Haigh asked the questions, while NBC CT Anchor Gerry Brooks moderated


The news media watching the debate in NBC CT’s conference room – Neil Vigdor of Hearst and Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant.
Mark Pazniokas of Ct Mirror, Paul Hughes of the Waterbury Republican-American and Pat Eaton-Robb of the AP.


103040609 The 15 Most Scandalous Revelations in Jeff Himmelmans Betrayal of Ben Bradlee

There isn’t much that The Laurel can add to the body of tributes to Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee. But we do recall a vignette from the 1990s when Post/Newsweek still owned WFSB-TV.  A newly-appointed Assistant News Director had already proved to have little journalism cred. That deal was sealed when Ben Bradlee’s name was mentioned, and New Guy looks puzzled and says, “Who’s Ben Bradlee?” Jaws dropped. Then-reporter Diane Alverio, searching for some connection, said with exasperation, “Jason Robards played him in All the President’s Men??!”

New Guy didn’t last too long at Channel 3.

“Made in Connecticut”










Tonight on CPTV:  Made in CT – an original documentary that showcases Connecticut’s vibrant and expanding manufacturing industry. From Documentary Producer Christina DeFranco:

I tour Pratt and Whitney’s Middletown plant as the company prepares for production of its PurePower Engine, which will revolutionize air travel. I also take you to the largest producer of gourmet tortilla chips in the North East – Severance Foods – located in Hartford! But nearest and dearest to my heart, the story of Tucci Lumber, founded by a former professional baseball player who suffered a devastating injury that ended his career. Pete Tucci believes his bat caused him to break his hand and sever ligaments which weakened his performance at the plate. Determined that no other player should suffer the same fate, he now makes customized bats – used by 160 Major Leaguers. In fact, some of the players in the World Series are swinging Tucci Lumber!

I feature 14 different companies in this first installment of Made in CT – one company is making luxury packaging for the hot products of Hollywood A-listers while another builds cranial implants for people who’ve suffered traumatic brain injuries.

The show premieres tonight (Thursday October 23rd) at 8pm on CPTV. Don’t miss it! But if you can’t tune in, check out the website [madeinct.cptv.org] where we are posting links to the individual segments. Please email me if you have an interesting company that manufactures in the state or if you have feedback! I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to visit me on my website at christinadefranco.com.

New Anchor


WFSB welcomed new 5:30p.m. anchor Mark Zinni to Connecticut last week and the station is getting praise from one on line news outlet for how it was done.

Here’s the story.

The WFSB video also reveals Zinni and his 5:30 co-anchor Denise D’Ascenzo both came to Hartford from the same station in Cleveland.


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