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The evidence suggests the Daily News is not impressed with the Trump candidacy. Not sure if it’s the headlines or the art work that leads us to this conclusion.

A Win for Len


We found at least one Golden State Warriors fan in Connecticut who also happens to be in the news media.

Hartford based freelance writer Leonard Felson was a student at Cal Berkeley in 1975 the last time the Warriors won a championship. Forty years later, and living far from the Golden State, Felson is still a fan and celebrating the team’s success.

Out of Salt


If you are public radio listener chances are you’ve heard the work of graduates(and sometimes students) of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. Now comes word the school is closing.

The  Salt Institute has been in business for more than four decades specializing in writing, photography and radio. It’s the radio documentary part of the Salt curriculum that made it unique. There are few places as well known for teaching the long form audio style of story telling.

The school’s management says declining enrollments made it necessary to close down.


Tough Course


Still struggling to find a way forward, Hartford based Back9Network has moved out of the iconic Phoenix Building and has consolidated all operations to 10 Constitution Plaza.

The company received $5 million in loans and grants from state of Connecticut when it started out so its ups and downs have been followed closely. A spokesman for the Department of Economic and Community Development says Back9 is current on all debts to the state.

Hiring Season


What do local TV stations and UPS have in common in the month of June? It’s hiring season!

We have three new hires to announce today:

Alyana Gomez is joining NBC CT as a weekend morning anchor and weekday reporter.

Marysol Castro is joining WTNH to fill in as a traffic reporter while Teresa Dufour is on maternity leave.

And Monica Madeja is joining NECN as a reporter.

Best of luck to all three.

Slippery Slope


Have you ever wondered why some public officials and private sector leaders are slow to make public apologies when things go wrong?

One reason is; once you start down the apology path it’s usually those who are trying to bring you down who decide whether your apology is sincere or good enough.

This is the situation Fredricka Whitfield(WTNH alum) found herself in Monday, one day after apologizing for something she said on CNN Saturday. It seems clear – watching the tape – that Whitfield simply mis-spoke when she called a Dallas gunman “courageous and brave” after he attacked Dallas police headquarters Saturday. We know this because the next words out her mouth – “and crazy” – show what she really meant.

In the 24 hours after her initial apology, other networks and bloggers demanded a new apology and Monday Whitfield was forced to say she not only apologized – she “sincerely apologized.” We can only wait to see if that’s good enough or if the apology police keep pushing for greater public humiliation.

Amanda Raus & Todd Piro


From the New York Times:

JUNE 14, 2015

Amanda Marie Raus and Todd Patrick Piro were married Friday at St. Stephen Church in Trumbull, Conn. The Rev. Christopher J. Samele, a Roman Catholic priest, performed the ceremony.

The couple met while working at WVIT-TV, an NBC-owned station in West Hartford, Conn., where the groom is a morning news anchor and the bride was a reporter and anchor until May.

The bride, 32, will continue to use her name professionally. Later this month, she is to become a morning news anchor and reporter for WTIC-TV, a Fox affiliate in Hartford. She graduated from Syracuse and received an M.B.A. from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.

She is a daughter of Noreen F. Raus and Robert M. Raus of Monroe, Conn.

The groom, 37, graduated from Dartmouth and received a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. His previous marriage ended in divorce.

He is a son of Marianne L. Piro and Peter A. Piro of Belmar, N.J.



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