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Live U.S. Senate Debate
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Hartford Tunnel Proposal:
Congressman John Larson

Marijuana Legalization:
Jill Spineti, Governor’s Prevention Partnership

Diversity in the Legal Profession:
Monte Frank, Connecticut Bar Association









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The Hour with Jim Pellegrino

Police Community Relations:
Atty. Eric Daigle; Ronnell Higgins, Chief of Police, Yale; Capt. Jason Thody, Hartford Police; Paul Melanson, Chief of Police, Farmington

Wealth Management:
Christopher Calendra, financial planner

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Carlson to Congress


Greenwich resident Gretchen Carlson is planning to testify before Congress on laws affecting how women fight sexual harassment in the workplace. Her next fight has landed her on the cover of Time magazine.

The former Fox News host, who sued former Fox News president Roger Ailes, leading to his resignation, wants to end the use of forced arbitration as a means of settling harassment claims. Under the forced arbitration clause inserted into many employment contracts, employers can avoid embarrassing court battles with employees and agree to settlements that often include non-disparagment agreements.

Since the departure of Ailes, it has been alleged that the use of forced arbitration was the primary method Fox used to cover-up a pattern of sexual harassment within the company.

Storace Moving On


Long time New Britain Herald reporter Robert Storace is leaving the paper to take a job with a “Hartford media company” according to his Facebook page.

Storace has been a top reporter at the Herald for a total of years. He has come and gone from the Herald once before. His most recent term spanned six years. He starts his new job next month.

Prepared for the Moment


This week’s performance by Chris Wallace of Fox News, as moderator of the final presidential debate, shows there are always people out there quietly doing their job – in journeyman fashion – preparing for a moment they themselves cannot necessarily see coming.

Think of former Connecticut State Police spokesman Paul Vance who spent years helping the Connecticut news media explain routine crimes. When the school shooting at Sandy Hook happened, no one was better prepared to manage the tragedy as if it were just another day at the office.

Peggy Noonan, after beginning her career as a writer at CBS Radio, was similarly prepared to write the speech for President Reagan on the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after launch killing all on board.

After years of living in his father’s shadow and dutifully preparing for interviews with politicians practiced at avoiding straight answers, Wallace, at age 69, was obviously prepared to step up and turn in a performance that is already being offered as the best example of how to moderate a presidential debate.

The Reviews Are In


Image: Getty

According to the reviews of the final presidential debate of 2016, Chris Wallace rose above any pre-conceived notions attached to him because of his affiliation with Fox News, to emerge as perhaps the most effective moderator of this debate season.

Mixing Humor With ScoldingThe Times of New York

Did Fox ProudPolitico

Ran the Best Debate of the ElectionSlate



Boxed Out


A few weeks ago a number of stories popped up claiming a deal between Gannett and the former Tribune Publishing company (now Tronc) was “imminent.”

Those reports appear to have been pre-mature at the very least. There’s been barely a whisper from either camp ever since.

Meanwhile, the pedestrians of Chicago have noticed that Tronc is apparently getting out of the coin operated news box sales business.

Tronc owns the Hartford Courant.

Speaking of media mergers and acquisitions…

There is growing evidence that Nexstar is prowling its newly acquired television stations of Media General (including WTNH in New Haven) for ways to trim costs.

Leann Hardin Saves Day


Leann Hardin, the wife of Fox 61 anchor Brent Hardin, received a special award from the Avon school superintendent this week after she helped a boy who was choking on a piece of candy.

Leann performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the student dislodging the blockage.

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