Record-Journal Praised


The Hartford Business Journal has ranked RJ Media Group – owner of the Meriden Record-Journal – as one of the top family owned businesses in Connecticut.

The family owners of the 149 year old business say their embrace of the internet – in combination with their print product – has led to continued growth.



As the World Series gets underway between the Cubs of Chicago and the Indians of Cleveland it has been often noted that the last time the Cubs won the championship was in 1908.

The picture in this post features the Yale-Harvard football game in New Haven that same year.

H/T via Facebook – Rich Hanley, Quinnipiac University

Journalism Re-purposed


Image: Courant

Suzanne Bates, of the Yankee Institute, is profiled by the Hartford Courant in her role as policy director of the non-partisan think tank.

Bates was a reporter for ten years before moving to Connecticut and putting her skills to work in the public policy arena. She also holds a Master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism.

She says that one of Yankee’s mission is to keep the conversation going, based on policy, not personal politics.

“We’re in gridlock now. People used to be able to separate the policy from the person. It was ‘I disagree with your policy.’ Now it’s ‘I disagree with you as a human being,'” Bates says. “You should be able to find people of all political stripes and get along with them. Because at the end of the day I think our goals are the same.”

The Olbermann Garage Band


Keith Olbermann, formerly of ESPN in Bristol, is profiled in the New York Times for his work this election season as a commentator for GQ magazine.

Olbermann, whose resume is an alphabet of cable networks, says online video is the next frontier and predicts that in the coming years there will be a “garage band quality” to news delivery he is happy to be part of.



A few weeks ago Ken Doctor of Politico reported that a deal between Gannett and Tronc(formerly Tribune publishing and owner of the Hartford Courant) was “imminent.” That led to lots of stories from other sources quoting the original Politico report and claiming the sale to Gannett was imminent.

They were all wrong on the timing, but Doctor is now reporting the deal is essentially done and this week could be pivotal. Now – it appears likely a deal will be announced “soon,” once the paperwork is done.

Tin Truck. Rusted.


Over the weekend someone looked around the collision center and realized they had a piece of Connecticut broadcast history on their hands.

It’s one of WFSB’s first live trucks from the late 1950’s. Here’s the story.

Sunday Talk








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Live U.S. Senate Debate
Richard Blumenthan(D) vs. Dan Carter(R)


Real Story pic






The Real Story Fox CT Sunday 10:00am

Hosts: Jenn Bernstein & Al Terzi

Hartford Tunnel Proposal:
Congressman John Larson

Marijuana Legalization:
Jill Spineti, Governor’s Prevention Partnership

Diversity in the Legal Profession:
Monte Frank, Connecticut Bar Association









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The Hour with Jim Pellegrino

Police Community Relations:
Atty. Eric Daigle; Ronnell Higgins, Chief of Police, Yale; Capt. Jason Thody, Hartford Police; Paul Melanson, Chief of Police, Farmington

Wealth Management:
Christopher Calendra, financial planner

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