Asking for Help


Derrick Santos, who writes the New England One blog covering the TV news business in New England, has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is asking for help from his readers.

The main reason I am writing this story is to put aside my pride and realize that I am sick and need to ask for help.

New England One is expensive to run, and with bills piling up, and rent being due, I need all the help that I can get. As much as I hate asking, I know that I need to…

Santos begins his post with; “First, no I’m not dying,” but he does go on to explain his financial situation and notes he has been posting less than usual because he is in a chemo induced “fog.”

84 Million Served


The early numbers are in and it appears as many as 84 million watched the presidential debate Monday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.




Holt Reviews


While others discuss who won last night’s first presidential debate of 2016, it is our duty to offer some perspective on how well Lester Holt performed as moderator.

There are a few critics who accuse Holt of disappearing and allowing the debate to turn into an uncontrolled shouting match, but for the most part Holt is getting positive reviews for staying in the background and allowing the candidates to put their full selves on display.

Watching on C-Span before the debate began, it was clear Holt understood the high stakes and the scrutiny he was about to endure. His voice quavered a few times as he addressed the audience before the live broadcast started. There was also a very tense moment – about two minutes before the start – during which a technician came out and had to remove Holt’s jacket to adjust the anchor’s earpiece. Probably the last thing Holt wanted to deal with before a potential audience predicted at 100 million. He kept his cool as the clock ticked down.

Holt may have won the long game Monday night as well. By keeping a low profile as moderator he set himself up to be called back as moderator again in four years – possibly following in the footsteps of Presidential Debate Commission favorite Jim Lehrer. This would be a personal coup and a big win for NBC News where Holt has long been viewed as a team captain – even before taking over after the scandal that took down Brian Williams.



Former WTNH weather forecaster Erika Martin is joining WCAU in Philadelphia as a weekend meteorologist. She has also worked at WCBS and WPIX in New York and WSHM in Springfield, MA.

Last week we told you Alyana Gomez was leaving NBC CT for San Francisco. We now know she will be joining KTVU as weekend morning anchor once she gets there. KTVU is a Fox station.

Pauley Sunday Morning


Occasional Connecticut resident Jane Pauley is taking over the role of host of CBS Sunday Morning.

The news was announced this weekend on the final broadcast hosted by Charles Osgood. Pauley is only the third host of the program. Before Osgood, Charles Kuralt served as the first host of the show.

In November, Pauley – who owns a house in Branford –  will be inducted into the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.



Over the weekend WFSB traffic reporter – and so much more – Nicole Nalepa got married to Andrew Balise. The two met when they worked together at WWLP in Springfield.

Back in three weeks!

Yes, There’s a U.S. Senate Race in Connecticut This Year

Image result for dan carter ct us senateImage result for dan carter ct us senate

WFSB-TV Channel 3 will host the first debate between U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) and Republican challenger Dan Carter. The candidates will debate during a live broadcast of Face the State on Sunday, October 23rd at 11AM. Dennis House and Susan Raff, Face the State co-hosts, will serve as moderators.

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