Legislature to the Rescue?

A group of state legislators (as well as AG Blumenthal and Gov. Rell) are working with the Department of Economic and Community Development to try and save the New Britain Herald and Bristol Press.

It is great to see legislators fight to keep these papers alive.  However, when state government is looking to cut spending, it may be difficult to keep these institutions afloat.

Radio Takes a Hit

It appears as though local radio stations have reason to believe there is a target on their backs.

MaryEllen Fillo reports that a few local shows are being replaced by national syndicated shows.  This is yet another loss for the state’s local media.

Web-Based Watchdogs

Interesting article in the New York Times today regarding web-based news organizations – highlighting Connecticut’s own news “guerrilla team”: the New Haven Independent.

The article relays how these types of operations have become watchdogs and have forced traditional news outlets to cover their stories.

“Their news coverage and hard-digging investigative reporting stand out in an Internet landscape long dominated by partisan commentary, gossip, vitriol and citizen journalism posted by unpaid amateurs.”

NPR on the Upswing?

Via the Connecticut Gazetteer:

Imagine that the ladder of “print” is getting slowly pulled up. Which mother ship is it getting pulled up into? We wonder if new chief Schiller will expand the part of NPR online that simulates print. And locally, they have the advantage of a strong reporting/anchoring staff. John Dankosky is becoming a brand name for them. Four years from now, all news operations will be somewhat similar — some blend online multimedia plus broadcast. NPR and its Connecticut affiliate might be very good at that.

The Next Curry

Via the Connecticut Gazetter:

The Courant has to hunt up a new left-leaning columnist to replace Bill Curry, who ended his column last Sunday. How they do this will say a lot about how well they grasp the changing industry. One possible move would be to reach back toward such “old hands” as Michelle Jacklin and David Fink. They certainly know the territory. But a move like that is an admission that the Courant is stuck in “old news” thinking. The next four years will be about some kind of convergence of media, with a heavy emphasis on the online product. Would the Courant be better off looking for somebody with a little more digital expertise and orientation? (Maybe even somebody who likes to shoot, edit and upload video. But that might be asking too much.)

More Print Cutbacks

The New Haven Register announced today that they are eliminating 20 jobs – 5 of which will be from their newsroom.   The newsroom cuts include 3 employees who worked on the paper’s Play magazine, which will no longer be circulated.

The Register’s parent company, the Journal Register Co., also owns the New Britain Herald and the Bristol Press as well as several Connecticut weeklies.  Earlier this week, the company announced that these papers will close up unless buyers come forward.

What is the Laurel Club?

The Laurel Club was an organization of Connecticut legislative reporters established in 1909.  It was formed “To foster cooperation among legislative newspapermen; to promote better government by accurate and fearless reporting; to puncture the overinflated egos of legislators.”

We at The Laurel aim to carry the torch of the Laurel Club by keeping the State’s media outlets in the limelight.  We will attempt to bring out what is going on in the Connecticut media and monitor its shifts in style and substance as well as its structural changes.

We invite all interested parties to participate.

Welcome to The Laurel!

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