Diane & Colin’s Last Broadcasts

Remember the scene in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” when Tom, Huck and Joe are presumed dead, but are actually in the back of the church watching their funeral service? Diane, you must have felt like that this morning with all the calls of praise that came in. We’ll be eager to hear about the next step in your career.

The Laurel’s bloggers will be, in one case, preparing for a rockin’ New Year’s Eve, and in another, lying in bed with a nasty cold, but both listening to Colin McEnroe’s last show this afternoon from 3-6 pm.

We’re Losing Colin McEnroe, too….

…but hopefully he will find another home, or another time-slot, as he did after WTIC foolishly cancelled his 10 am show more than a decade ago. Whether or not you love or hate his politics, he’s brilliant, informed and intellectually curious. And unlike most broadcasters, he’s not afraid to criticize those in power.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the changes at WTIC-AM is that the station is now dominated from 6 am to 3 pm by right-leaning hosts: Ray Dunaway will broadcast from 6 to 9, Jim Vicevich from 9 to 12, and Rush Limbaugh till 3 pm. What’s wrong with this picture? Connecticut’s 50-thousand watt powerhouse radio station needs to offer some balance.

Broadcasting Veteran Diane Smith Let Go by WTIC-AM

The news from WTIC-AM couldn’t be much worse. In what may be only the first lay-off of high-profile talent at WTIC-AM in Hartford, morning co-host Diane Smith will say goodbye to listeners tomorrow morning, New Year’s Eve. And if that news isn’t bad enough, rumors are swirling that afternoon host Colin McEnroe is also being terminated. Clearly these cuts are budget-related as both Smith’s morning show, which she co-hosts with Ray Dunaway, and McEnroe’s are ratings leaders. Smith and McEnroe are not only two of the smartest people on radio anywhere, but two who always do their homework. This is a serious loss for discourse in the state.

Newspaper Auction

Talks between state legislators and the Commissioner of Economic Development have not materialized any offers for the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald.

According to the Courant, nine companies have contacted the officials on the two failing newspapers but no offers have been given.  The meetings between the officials were aimed at bringing buyers forward.  Now that several have expressed interest in the two papers the state will most likely step away from the negotiating table.

WTNH Layoffs

The New Haven Indpendent’s Paul Bass is reporting that WTNH has eliminated over 22 jobs within the past few weeks.

Probably of little consolation to those laid off — including a great veteran of this market, Assistant News Director Virginia Fisher — is the fact that the station is trying to be  ahead of the curve in implementing more online content in order to create a multi-platform approach to media.  WTNH claims to have the highest online viewership of any TV station in the state.

“Congratulations. And condolences.”

Interesting article from the New York Times Magazineabout Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs who may have the worst best job in America.


No, not that kind.

The kind that’s even worse.

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