WPLR, CT News Junkie Break Story that Amann May Not Take Job with Donovan

The rumors were swirling on Monday. But this morning at 8:34 am, Christine Stuart and CT News Junkie spread the word that on WPLR, former House Speaker Jim Amann told hosts Chaz and AJ that he’s likely not to take the $120,000 job with new Speaker Chris Donovan. The job offer became public on Friday and spurred a barrage of criticism aimed at both Donovan and Amann. Kudos to Fox61’s Shelly Sindland whose blog gave readers the heads-up yesterday that this story was going to break.

2 Responses

  1. How can we get rid of Pelosi again???

  2. How can we get rid of Peolsi AGAIN and keep her gone? LEGALLY!

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