Please Prove Us Wrong

Has Connecticut’s AM talk radio become the sole province of right-leaning white males? We’re talking about locally-generated shows. One of our favorite smaller radio stations, WLIS/WMRD (Old Saybrook/Meriden) features synidcated host Stephanie Miller on weekdays from 10-12 noon, but we’re referring to local programming.  Again, please prove us wrong; we hope we are.


3 Responses

  1. I think Buddy V once had a guest-host who claimed to have thumbed through a 4-year-old copy of “The Progressive” in a local barbershop when he was in college , , ,

    Otherwise, it’s now:

    W here
    T alk
    I s
    C conservatice

  2. oops . . . that’s “ConservatiVe”

  3. WINY-AM 1350 (Putnam) has a M-to-F talk show that is determinedly centrist with a wacky element perpetuated by some repeat idiosyncratic callers and occasional phone-ins by M. Jodi Wacki. Can be heard from 9:05 to 11 a.m. at

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