Hartford Public School System Hires Courant Columnist Stan Simpson

Here is the link to a story; the official press release is below. Stan has been hired to  lead the development of the Hartford School District’s Journalism and Media Academy. Unclear if he will continue his column and/or his new television show with Fox61.


Irene O’Connor Returns to Anchor Desk

WFSB’s Irene O’Connor was back on the morning anchor desk this week.  Twin boys Robert and Quilty were born in late April and she’s ready to get back to work.Nice fill-in job by Hena Daniels.

Sunday Talk

Face the State WFSB   11 a.m

Host: Dennis House

Senator Dodd’s prostate cancer diagnosis

Guests: Dr. Joseph Colasanto – St. Francis Hospital

Analysis and impact on 2010 race: Duby McDowell and Dean Pagani

The Real Story Fox61 10:30 am

Interim host: Laurie Perez

Segment 1- Discussing the Dems Budget Proposal / Eliminating the DMV
Bob Ward- DMV Commissioner
Segment 2- Documents Released in the Mayor Perez Case
Chris Morano- Former Chief State’s Attorney
Chris Powell-  Reporter, Manchester Journal Inquirer
Segment 3- Gymnastics Championship Coming to Hartford
Curt Jensen- Greater Hartford Convention and Visitors Bureau
Robin Deary- State Chair, USA Gymnastics

The Stan Simpson Show Fox61  10 am

Host: Stan Simpson

-Henry Louis Gates v. Cambridge Police Department:  Was it Race or Testosterone?

Guests: James Strillacci — West Hartford Police Chie,Teresa Younger –Civil Liberties expert &  Executive Director; CT Permanent Commission on Women

-Did Michael Jackson’s doctor kill him?

Guest: Dr. Herbert Keating; UConn Medical Professor; practicing physician

-Bringing Order and Structure to Our Cluttered Lives:

Guest: Leslie Jacobs — organization consultant;  www.lesmess.com

CT News MakersWVIT/NBC30  6:30 am

Host: Tom Monahan

Rep. John Geragosian (D) Co-Chair of the legislature’s Appropriations Committee, and Republican Sen. Dan Debicella of Shelton debate two different proposals to deal with the state budget.

State Sen. Gary Lebeau (D) East Hartford discussed his plans to run for governor.

Dr. Christina Kishimoto, asst. superintendent in the Hartford School System discussed test scores released this week.

Focus on Connecticut News12 Saturday: 7:30 am, 11 am, 2:30 pm, 7:30 pm.Sunday: 2:30 am, 7:30 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Host: Tom Appleby

Brian Lockhart,The Advocate
Ken Dixon, Connecticut Post

CTN Capitol Report Sunday at 8 pm Replays of: The Real Story (8:30 PM), CT Newsmakers (9 pm),  Face the State (9:30 pm), On the Record (10 pm)

Some Good Clean 19th Century Fun

Why not leave work early today (like that can ever happen in a newsroom) and head to the Mark Twain House in Hartford where there is a free “Ice Cream Social” at the historic site on Farmington Avenue.  Better yet, cover the event…file from there…and hang out afterwards.

*FREE* University of Connecticut Dairy Bar Ice Cream

& Avery’s Beverages

*FREE* Entertainment with Bandstand Barbershop Quartet and EQuilibrium Dance Theatre

*FREE* “Plein Air” Painting & Garden Tours with

the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

& The Unveiling of the new LEGOMark Twain!

Celebrate Our Newest Acquisition – An Oak Icebox (c. 1890) Now on View in The Servants’ Wing.

Colin on New CT Media

The Laurel talked recently with humorist/radio guy/taught-a-course-on-blogs-at-Trinity-College Colin McEnroe about the new media ventures that are springing up around us: the online Connecticut News Project, Inc. that’s coming this fall, localonlinenews.tv, patch.com which is making inroads in Connecticut, etc. Some thoughts from Colin:


It strikes me that there is now a kind of gathering storm, and it looks a little bit like the last boomlet, roughly 2005-2006 when the CT local blog scene really took root.
The difference is that this new wave is full of journalism pros.  One of the problems with downsizing is that it’s a little bit like Paul Bremer’s disbanding the Iraqi Army. You’ve got a lot of highly skilled, fully trained people with time on their hands. That’s why every cut should be looked at two ways. Can you afford to give up this person? And can you afford to have this person competing against you?
The story of the Old Media in 2009 seems like it’s being written by Edward Gibbon. The Visigoths are at the gates of Rome. The old institutions have been weakened, first by complacency, then by sudden developments. Anybody got a plan?


“Lying Liars and the Reporters Who Enable Them”

You don’t have to be Dodd partisans (as we admittedly are) to know that there are lots of holes in the recent AP story that regurgitated the Countrywide allegations. Check out Capitol Watch and its link to the Huffington Post story (“Lying Liars and the Reporters Who Enable Them”) challenging the main source of the anti-Dodd/Conrad claims. It’s something that all Connecticut journalists should at least read.

As Sean Connery said in The Untouchables, “Here Endeth the Lesson.”

“He Framed the Daily Drama of Danbury’s Life”

We’re very sorry to report the death of longtime Danbury News-Times chief photographer David Harple. As mentioned here a while back, Dave had a rare form of kidney cancer and friends had set up a fund to help his family with the costs associated with his treatment. Read Paul Steinmetz’s great tribute to Dave.

Services will be Friday, 1 p.m. at Cornell Funeral Home in Danbury. Calling hours are Thursday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m.

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