Mac is Back!


WNPR announced today the return of Colin McEnroe to Connecticut’s airwaves.  The Colin McEnroe Show launches its 13-week ‘Pilot’ run on Monday, August 31, 2009 in the 1PM to 2PM time slot.  The show will be a bit of a departure from Colin’s previous WTIC-am radio show and will attempt to emulate his newspaper columns and magazine essays.

Below is portion of WNPR’s press release.

Colin McEnroe Returns to Radio!

WNPR Launches The Colin McEnroe Show for a 13-Week Run

Weekdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on WNPR, beginning Monday, Aug. 31, 2009

“Giving you something new to laugh about in your car and talk about over dinner…”

(HARTFORD, Conn., August 26, 2009) – Colin McEnroe has earned a high-profile reputation in Connecticut and beyond as a talented humorist, author, newspaper columnist, off-beat radio host, and an urbane host of the popular Connecticut Forum series.

Now, McEnroe is returning to the Connecticut airwaves as host of The Colin McEnroe Show– WNPR’s new hour-long exploration of news, arts, culture, and life that draws on national and local voices in daily conversation. This new 13-week pilot series will air weekdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on WNPR and online at, beginning Monday, August 31, 2009.

When McEnroe’s 16-year stint at WTIC-AM ended in December 2008, thousands of fans howled in protest, demanding to know where his funny and insightful style would surface next. Now his fans can experience McEnroe’s special brand of humor, cultural coverage, ruminations on life, and restless intellectual inquiry blended together in a potent brew on The Colin McEnroe Show.

On most days, The Colin McEnroe Show will be centered on a theme, and Colin will approach it from a variety of angles. Conversations about movies, books, music, and television will mix with programs centered on big ideas and nagging questions. On other days, the show will be a magazine, featuring a variety of topics and fast-paced discussion of important events.The Colin McEnroe Show will be a bit of a departure from the political fare some fans may equate to McEnroe’s commentary. The new show offers a more varied and broader appeal to audiences across the state.

“WNPR is giving me the chance to paint with more colors,” said Colin. “For 16 years on commercial radio, people saw me first and foremost as the guy who provided balance to an otherwise relentless lineup of conservative political talk shows. That won’t be my role on WNPR, and I’ll be free to talk about life, love, religion, food, death, movies, philosophy, music, clothes, cars, farms, theater, traffic, the Internet, shopping, puppets, grammar, and lots and lots of undocumented details of daily life in Connecticut. The show will be more like my newspaper columns and magazine essays than anything I’ve ever done on radio before.”

The Colin McEnroe Showis made possible on WNPR by Connecticut Bank & Trust, author Luanne Rice, Dr. Jerry Rosenfeld, and the Max Restaurant Group.


10 Responses

  1. Excellent news!

  2. Bravo NPR! Thank you for bringing an intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious human being back to the airwaves.

  3. Wonderful news! Good for NPR!

  4. A voice that deserves a national audience.

  5. Superb news indeed! I’ve been waiting to hear where and when Colin would resurface. Sadly I am at work during his new shift. Maybe there will be podcasts! Or maybe I can sneak my pocket radio into work.

  6. I am thrilled..have followed Colin through his blog, but have missed hearing him. I will catch him through the web every weekend. THANK YOU!!!

  7. This is a disappointment. The only possible good news about McEnroe returning to the air is the idea that the NPR show will be different from his previous shows. One can only hope he will improve the way he treats callers to the show. His fans celebrate a supposed sharp wit, but at the end of the day he is just another condescending pseudo-intellectual who likes the sound of his own voice. NPR is the perfect home for a McEnroe show.

  8. This is the BEST news! Welcome back, Colin, I’ve missed you these past 8 months. Stupid WTIC-heads.

    I never thought I would say this but I hope NPR has one of its fundraisers during your trial period. I will definitely donate during your air time.

  9. hip hip ha ray – ill be listening on my iphone from NC – good luck colin

  10. Congratulations, Colin, and to NPR for being canny enough to bring you in. I hope it’s wonderful and lasting.

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