Sebastian and Morning Crew Out at WCCC-FM

The morning crew at WCCC-FM was fired after Friday’s show. We’re told that Sebastian (a.k.a. Joe Schlosser) and his colleagues had already taken paycuts and that the ratings were solid.

The station is owned by Marlin Broadcasting, and while we don’t know much about the company, here’s an excerpt from the WCCC-FM web site:

“We are not part of a large radio corporation as most stations are.  We are non-corporate.  We are independent.  We are local.  We are live 24/7.  We don’t pre-record any of our shifts as the corporate stations do.  All this means while we are called The Rock, listeners really are the Rock.  We always ask your opinion; we always try to do what you say.  We always try to serve the community that serves us.”

47 Responses

  1. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Joe is a has been who never was, and a jerk besides. A mere shadow of his idol, Howard Stern. Never clever, never brilliant, Joe should never be hired in this market – or any other – again.

  2. Wow what a shock. Noone like Sebastian around here. So sad.

  3. I’ll miss the show, it was the best morning in Hartford!

    I only hope another local station will bring them on board.

  4. While not his typical demographic, as one of the many middleaged women who, believe it or not, really enjoyed listening to the wit and wisdom of this radio icon in the Hartford area, I want to say, We will miss his “devil’s advocate” approach to every subject immaginable and his terrific local celebrity guests. Too bad, too sad, will miss him.

  5. Doing the same shtick for too many years. CCC’s numbers were not solid. He probably stepped on the wrong toes yet again and the company used low advertising revenue to get rid of him. He’ll probably turn up at MRQ. They are desperate enough for any kind of morning show.

  6. WCCC was removed from my car radio preset on Monday. This is a big mistake. Who listens to 93.7 since Sebastian left??? No one! Where ever Sebastian goes so will I.

  7. Sebastian is a bad man who had sold me both his sports service for my son to bet. He has been horrible. He then got me to buy in on some mlm thing that is also horrible. I hate this man and he got what he deserved. Mike

  8. thank god hes gone, now he can spend time listening to his idol howard stern in the morning

  9. I am not a fan of WCCC. I am not a fan of the music they play. But I did enjoy Sebastian’s program. His show was down to earth and yes it did pass the envelope many times. But that is what morning radio needs. The other morning programs were okay, but Sebastian’s show was one of a kind. I hope that another station picks him up. I especially liked his interviews and guests. Even his rewind programs were more interesting than most of the on air offerings on the dial. WCCC big goof on your part. Your morning listening audience is decreased by one, me! – CPA

  10. After being on vacation for a week I tried tuning in to Sebastian’s show and was shocked to find it gone! I will no longer listen to WCCC, as it was his show that drew me to it in the first place. Watch the ratings plummet now!

  11. Sebastion has always been mildly entertaining, but wasn’t right for WCCC. He’s mellowed out and all he talks about is sports, betting, politics, and poker. He probably doesn’t know who Shinedown or Metallica are. Not a good fit for the station: have him go to AM where he can talk and give CCC a more music and less talk show.

  12. This sucks. Been listening to Sebastian for over 20 years, wherever he went. WCCC was by far the best radio station he’s been on. Want him back.

  13. Shame on you WCCC He brought in alot of listeners and this is what he gets. Love him or hate him he still put on a great show and i will follow him where ever he goes

  14. Got a little tired hearing about his gambling problems; putting down his girlfriend and his opinionated ramblings about everything. He was a jerk back in the day when he was in a band (my hubby is in a band that was and still is popular from back in the day) and even then, Sebastian had a “look at me ladies, I’m the hottest man in the world & you’re lucky I’m even looking at you” attitude. He was nothing to look at then; and certainly hasn’t aged well. Hope he does something more age appropriate.

  15. Sebastian’s show really was dated. Most of his “jokes” were the same things we heard beck in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His “number theory” or stupid voices they were all played out. The only thing he had going for him was that it was local…..local people, celebs, and local politicians. Hopefully WCCC can keep that part going.

  16. Sebastian was the best morning show in the Hartford area hands-down…I’ll miss him greatly and was disappointed that the station just dropped him without any acknowledgement. Sebastian was not a phony like all of the other morning show hosts, he was himself, controversial, funny, and entertaining. Loved driving to work and listening to great interviews…guy always spoke his mind. Now I’m stuck listeng to the lameos on 102….

  17. Another sad day for Connecticut radio. With the very limited preprogrammed music roster left in CT i rely more on my Zune these day for my morning drive in. He was the only alternative to the PLR (government Kiss Ass liberal channel) offering “commentary” that was not scared to push the envelope. WE will and I will miss him. Thanks for the mammeries. Big mistake CCC (Clearly Coughing up Clam chunks)

  18. Connecticut is a nothing crappy state with god awful winters, Sebastian was a breathe of fresh air and very entertaining, Though I knew always he was lying about always coming out ahead at Mohegan Sun playing Black jack his BS was fun to listen to..

    So now I will be stuck to listening to The Dog Track Face Chaz and the Kermit the frog voice AJ on 99.1 I am bummed out I will not be able to enjoy Sebastian. Hopefully this loser gambling fein turns up somewhere on the dial becasue i like him.. I like cushy thick toilet paper too.

  19. he needs to come back! There are NO talk shows out there! Mary is a traitor!

  20. too bad sebastian is gone, i enjoyed his show when ever i could listen to him. hope you can get him back,because i don’t listen to your other programs or music. thanks

  21. sebastian just wasnt right for wccc. i know many people who still hate him for his berate the bride stuff, never heard it myself. as far as im concerned, o well, i just hope miss fire got to keep her job.

  22. I am really sorry to see him gone. I enjoyed listening to him in the morning. Not the same. I hope to hear his voice on the radio again.

  23. happy he’s gone. Sebastian was terrible. Nothing was worse than waking up.. turning the radio on, and hearing his terrible voice. I’m happy i get to listen to entertaining people in the morning now…

  24. Joe frigging rocked WCCC YOU SUCK NOW BIG TIME. No he did not wanna be Stern you idiots. all he did was entertain us in the mornings….wccc go spend some of the blue money you as* clowns

  25. The morning show sucks now BIG TIME! Too much gambling talk and sports crap aside from that he was really good. CCC’s ratings must have flopped. Picozzi and that other tard lick …cmon

  26. Sebastian’s show was great and very entertaining… it is true that he talks bull all the time and contradicts every reasonable argument out there… but hey you got to be smart to argue against every reason…. in any case it was really fun to listen to his rants and I am very disappointed he is gone…. I am not listening wccc any more… their new morning show is just plain boring….

  27. I never liked Joe he is concieded and a jerk. I like Howard but how much can u go on and WCCC is the best station around. Good decision getting rid of Joe. Keep playing tunes and that talk crap is gone thank u ccc and forever a die hard listener. I would not stop listening even if I liked that F***ing A**hole.

  28. Have not listened to WCCC during morning drive since Sebastian left.
    Please bring him back when he’s done with his movie/documentary.
    I know he’s a little bit of a jerk, but than again have you tried listening to some of these other talk radio jerks.
    I’ll take him hands down any time.
    Cannot listen to hard rock that early in the morning.

  29. all you supposed “haters” got wind that he was gone and googled him to read this article – if you didn’t care, why would you even bother to comment? i have listened to sebastian and was a loyal listener back in the day when he was at ccc. i was upset when he left and was replaced with stern. i have since become a huge and loyal stern fan following him sattelite radio. terrestrial radio sucks, connecticut radio stations suck and nothing or no one compares to sattelite. come on over sebastian, would love to hear you there where you can really voice your opinion! now all you “haters” can go listen to gary craig with john elliott (with 2 L’s & 2T’s (stupid)) – now that’s great radio!

  30. I never really cared for Joe’s BS…he seemed borderline racist and his rants were just plain stupid, he spoke about nothing, and always always, ALWAYS was just promoting himself. I’m just glad Mary Kept her job, and can now run the Morning show…Joe’s nonsense was just ignorant. No one can be that stupid. I had to listen to him as an alternative to the conservative morons who are on AM radio, but I’m glad he’s gone. I’m a fan of Rock so I’m not too perturbed over him being dropped without any notification. He deserved the way he got fired becuase he was really selfish.

  31. I am SO happy Sebastion is outta here! I hope he leaves the state and is never heard on radio again. Morning talk shows are a waste of air time. And the tool that doesn’t like to listen to hard rock that early in the morning should turn an oldies station instead. idiot.

    Joe deserved to be fired and certainly without warning. I’m glad Mary is back and with two other entertaining individuals. a MUCH better show than that decrepit old guy.

  32. the ‘new’ show was supposed to ‘blow our minds’. What a bunch of crap. Pre-recorded phone calls, lame jokes, and topics… not a single interesting interview or conversation. Now I’m stuck listening to those freakin dorks Bax and OBryan on 102. At least they’ll occasionally have a joke or decent guest. (like fitzy!) I still listen to CCC in the evenings, but no-way can I tolerate the useless brain-mush that’s on now.

  33. We be a computer generated society for past 30yrs.We are quickly loseing touch with the gift of gab!
    We still continue to turn on the radio and listen to free speech,eloquent or not the words are spoken freely from the heart with humor,condesention,intelect or farce.Words are the gift of evolution. Some of u listeners out there remember Radio Days,an erea of speech without pictures.No special effects.We had to imagine what was going on,how fantastic was that,To make believe and visualize the action, That erea created the cinematic genius of todays HD TV and Films.Sebastian is one of those talents that WCCC cannot fit into there profile.WCCC u need to look at raw creativityand let it be free. Industry is destroying our planet,please dont destroy our humor. Joy Robichaud East Haddam Ct.

  34. Joy sounds like a hippie.

  35. I have not, and will not, ever listen to wccc again. Sebastion was the only reason I listened, and will follow wherever he may go!

  36. […] McEnroe confirms…and also reports that longtime Connecticut radio personality Sebastian (a.k.a. Joe Schlosser), is in the mix as well. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  37. really injoyed joes program.,log time listiner.very much injoyed talking sports and vegas with joe.hope your back somewhere soon.

  38. […] is “open” ; Jim left after he and the station couldn’t settle on a contract. Sebastian filled in last week and we’re told that the station will bring in a variety of guest hosts […]

  39. Have not listened to WCCC since the day they let Joe go. Sebastiian was quite the character, but that is what made his show so good. You could love to agree or disagree with him.

    Where are you????

  40. Bottom & brass tacks; Money Talks & bull sh** walks. Schlosser aka Sebastian wasn’t bringing in the ad revenue, thus, they fired him. That’s business.;)

  41. It would be nice if WCCC brought the Bubba the Love Sponge show back to the Hartford area.

  42. did he get a new radio job yet? i remember when i dropped out of highschool i listened to him faithfully every morning until i went back.. he was one of a kind..shame!!!

  43. not only was this guy an unoriginal clown on the air, but he was a complete egotistical, maniacal a hole off the air…..if ever someone deserved their comeuppance…it was this D bag.

  44. looks like the states lowest common denominators have all showed up to support this turd. the lower end of the gene pool is strong in this comment section.

  45. I couldn’t believe it when they hired him back. I couldn’t believe there that many people with an IQ below 75 listening to the radio that early in the morning….guess I was wrong!

  46. WCCC is an ass! Sebastian DID bring in a lot of loyal listeners and they get rid of him for NOBODY!!!! WTF? One of the reasons why I purchased Sirius!

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