A New Magazine for the Hartford Area

Prospect cover

And its roster of founders and staff includes many “retired” journalists from print and broadcast. More here.


2 Responses

  1. Cars are at least as deadly as fmriares. This argument has been used before, and the claim may well be accurate, I haven’t followed up on the stats about that. I wonder, if it’s correct, how many car-caused deaths are the result of drunken driving.But cars aren’t DESIGNED to kill other humans. We don’t take drivers’ training and learn how to hit a moving target. If I’m correct, gun-owners who go to a range often use human silhouettes for targets. Now I understand the logic of this since guns are supposedly bought for protection from other humans. But again, the purposes of owning and training to use cars and weapons are very different.

  2. I’ve answered the phone in our neoorwsm when people call asking why we don’t have anything about last night’s aldermen’s meeting or more than a brief from a high school b-ball game so our deadline rollback of roughly an hour has definitely been noticed by some readers. I’ve also found that Sorry, but you can see the whole story on our Web site is not usually considered a satisfactory answer.

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