Gombossy Sues Courant

George Gombossy

Former Hartford Courant consumer columnist George Gombossy has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court. As George’s blog reports, the suit was filed “under the Connecticut free speech statute that protects workers from retribution for exercising their First Amendment rights in the workplace. It is the strongest free speech statute in the country. This is the first time that the statute has been used to challenge a media company’s attempt to protect its advertisers from adverse publicity.”

The reponse from the Courant: “George Gombossy has consistently mischaracterized the circumstances surrounding his departure from The Hartford Courant for his own personal gain. Mr. Gombossy was not under any contract requiring his continued employment as our consumer reporter, and a business decision was made to move in another direction that did not require his particular talents.”

For some further discussion of the lawsuit check out the Courant Alumni blog.


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  1. Go get ’em, George!

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