D’Ascenzo: Strike, Spare, Splat!


Denise D’Ascenzo, the ageless and steadfast WFSB anchor, never fails to astound us with how beautifully put together she always looks on-air (without resorting to “I’m going to a cocktail party after this newscast” outfits – and you know what we mean). So imagine our surprise when she threw a curveball at viewers this week – the appearance of a sling on one of her wings. Turns out Denise had fairly serious rotator cuff surgery; she was at a bowling alley with her daughter and slipped because her shoes were wet (we are SO suing on your behalf, Denise).  She was out for three weeks but is now back in the anchor chair.


2 Responses

  1. still hot!

  2. one word: EEKS! good to know she recovered from that lil slip up. I broke my leg when i was 4 yrs old and it was not pretty (even if the cast was)

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