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From NewsBlues for TV Insiders:

An insider at Tribune’s troubled WTIC-61-Fox in Hartford (Market #30) claims nightside reporter Laurie Perez has a contract clause that guarantees “she must be assigned to cover the lead story for our 10PM newscast every day she works unless she declines.” The tipster claims management “confirmed the arrangement” to staff this week.



5 Responses

  1. That’s what she gets for being kicked out of the wekeend anchor chair.

    Wonder if Rebecca Stewart has any special clause after the demotion back to weekend anchor. If not, I predict she leaves when her contract is up.

    Also, is Shelly Sindland no longer senior reporter?

  2. why is this newsworthy? Perez is the number 1 nightside reporter and has been there ten years – wouldn’t it make sense she does the lead most nights…

    There may be plenty to talk about over the last year surrounding the changes at the Courant and Fox but two decisions have made sense. 1) Having Laurie Perez do what she does best -report- five nights a week instead of being behind the anchor desk two of the five nights and 2) having Sarah French take over the mornings. They’re both the best the station has at what they do.

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  4. Going to put this article to good use now.

  5. It’s much easier to untsaedrnd when you put it that way!

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