Pergam Moving Online and On To D.C.


Good guy Andy Pergam is leaving Connecticut to focus on the future of online news; he’ll be editorial director for J-Lab in Washington, DC (The Institute for Interactive Journalism). This is a great fit as Andy currently oversees the station’s digital offerings.
In his time here, Andrew has played an integral role in launching the station’s New Haven Studio on the Green, where he has covered both local and national stories: the deadly fire at a Rhode Island nightclub, the bombing of the Yale Law School and numerous federal corruption trials.  He has been nominated for a number of Emmy Awards and won as part of the NBC team that reported from the California Wildfires in 2007.
Our best wishes to Andy and his wife Jen in this next chapter of their lives.

Information Advantage: Athletic Departments?

In its December newsletter, the  Associated Press Sports Editors ask whether the day will come when College and University Athletic Departments won’t have much need for the local media. Mike Enright, UConn’s Associate Athletic Director/Communications (pictured on the right), is featured in the piece entitled, “Sports Information Directors See Declining Value in Newspaper Coverage.”

Is It Just Us…

…or is there something low-rent about the dignified University of Connecticut Division I football team playing in a bowl game called the “PapaJohns-dot-com Bowl”?? Not that the “Papa Johns Bowl” would sound a whole lot better, but there’s  something about the “dot-com” addition that seems so … small time.

Okay, we’ll get back to covering the Connecticut media. Had to vent.

Rell Gives WFSB No Holiday Love

Dennis House blogs about an increasingly familiar topic – Governor Rell’s inaccessibility to the broadcast media.

Ed Flynn Day in Connecticut

Thanks to a friend of The Laurel for sharing with us this great tribute to Ed Flynn who is signing off from WATR 1320-am in Waterbury:

WATR’s Ed Flynn, who surprised his “Talk of the Town” listeners this week with the news that he would be handing over hosting duties to Larry Rifkin after 18 years, got a surprise of his own on Christmas Eve.

In the last hour of the annual Christmas program he co-hosts with his daughter, Regan, Flynn was unexpectedly joined in person by Waterbury area state Senator Joan Hartley (D-15) and state representatives Selim Noujaim (R-74) and Jeff Berger (D-73) who came bearing the gift of a proclamation from Gov. M. Jodi Rell. The proclamation, which details and salutes Flynn’s 55 years in broadcasting and his pending departure from his daily talk show, declares Dec. 31, 2009 “Ed Flynn Day” in the state of Connecticut.

The proclamation and the appearance of its presenters was organized by Regan Flynn, who works for the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce and on Thursday co-hosted the final “Christmas with the Flynns,” a station staple for several years featuring her and her father.

Flynn, in noting the proclamation’s lengthy detail of his career in broadcasting dating back to the early 1950s, joked it was “quite obvious I could never hold a job for very long” and asked the visiting legislators tongue in cheek if state flags are to be flown at half mast on the day bearing his name.

Remember Gail Huff?

She was a reporter at WFSB in the late 80s. Gail is now at WCVB in Boston and finds herself in the midst of the Bay State’s U.S. Senate campaign. This item comes from


Gail Huff, a veteran reporter at WCVB-5-ABC in Boston (Market #7), has remained conspicuously absent from campaign appearances, as her husband, Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown, makes a run for Edward Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

Huff and the station have agreed she will not cover politics — or even appear at any of her husband’s campaign events — to avoid conflict of interest accusations.

“Well, it’s frustrating, certainly,” Brown said in a recent interview. “But we respect the policies of Channel 5, and we want Gail to certainly be employed and have the ability to be an unbiased reporter.”

“And we’ll need her income if I lose,” he did not add.



Some of you out in the blogosphere may have wondered where Patrick Scully’s new blog, the Hanging Shad, has gone. Well, apparently Mr. Scully has had better months…

According to Pat, he recently tumbled down a flight of stairs and broke his back. He is currently laid up at Hartford Hospital through Christmas and we all wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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