Pergam Moving Online and On To D.C.


Good guy Andy Pergam is leaving Connecticut to focus on the future of online news; he’ll be editorial director for J-Lab in Washington, DC (The Institute for Interactive Journalism). This is a great fit as Andy currently oversees the station’s digital offerings.
In his time here, Andrew has played an integral role in launching the station’s New Haven Studio on the Green, where he has covered both local and national stories: the deadly fire at a Rhode Island nightclub, the bombing of the Yale Law School and numerous federal corruption trials.  He has been nominated for a number of Emmy Awards and won as part of the NBC team that reported from the California Wildfires in 2007.
Our best wishes to Andy and his wife Jen in this next chapter of their lives.

4 Responses

  1. Go get’ em Andrew, best of luck to you.

  2. Do you have to wear a bathing suit when you dive into a think tank?

  3. Andrew,

    We admired your talent when you were here at Channel 3 and you always made us laugh.

    Best of Luck!

    Dennis House

  4. From all we can tell, Andy has exactly the right head and intellectual scope for this very, very significant undertaking. … Our best wishes for him and Jen.
    — from a real old news junkie ,,, actually older by a few months than Andy’s grandpa.

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