WFSB’s “Better” Moving to Afternoons

WFSB’s program “Better Connecticut”, featuring Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun, is moving from its current 10 am spot to 3 pm. In a memo, WFSB General Manager Klarn DePalma outlines that ‘Let’s Make A Deal”, now airing at 3 pm, will switch places with “Better”.

I feel with the increased viewing in the afternoon, Better CT will grow its key  demographic and reach more potential viewers.   The production of the show will NOT change.  It will be done at 10am as it is now.

We’re not programming experts so we don’t know what this means except that WFSB seems to be showing confidence in “Better” by 1) keeping it, and 2) giving it a nice spot as a lead-in to Oprah. The new line-up begins march 29th.


12 Responses

  1. Kara & Scot make a good team and I think your comments are right on target.

  2. Duby, you know you’ve got good sources when I’m reading this here before I hear it from Scot!

  3. “Wfsb has confidence in the show”.
    Think about it. It’s virtually FREE to produce, Scot and Kara make little extra for their efforts…AND there’s NO syndication costs (ala: Oprah, Regis/Kathy Lee).
    I bet Better is lining up to take the 4pm spot when Oprah ends her show…and/or they expand FSB to begin at 4pm, so as not to have to pay for another show (which costs millions in Syndy fees).

  4. I LOVE the idea of better CT being on TV at 3pm. I usually watch the first 15min of the show, when Scot and Kara are talking about news worthy subjects, but very rarely have time to watch the entire show, as i have my housework, etc to do. The afternoons are “my time”, so i’m looking forward to watching the show in it’s entirety.

  5. I now turn my tv off at 10.00a.m.. I know of three households that will not be
    watching you at 3;00P.M.. We all really enjoyed your show, but the new time
    is not good for us. My tv does not go on in the afternoon until the 5:00p.m. news.
    Hopefully, you will return to mornings.

  6. I am not happy with the move to 3:00. Kara and Scot made our mornings. I would watch with my husband and we both really enjoyed the show. Many times laughing out loud at what went on… Sorry to say we have no interest in Let’s make a deal, and the afternoon time slot no longer fits into our schedule. We seldom get to see the show anymore and miss it very much.

  7. I like the 3PM time slot, but today I missed the name of the restaurant near UConn. Could you please let me know? Today in May 19th. Thanks.

  8. I think a local talk show will fit on the Morning Schedule like
    9 Am for an example, 3 Pm i think you will lose viewers
    since Moms are picking their kids up from School and
    people are on their way to work for an evening shift, A
    morning will fit into the Schedule. I think Lets Make A Deal
    was a good lead in to The Price Is Right on CBS, But Deal
    ended the day on the CBS lineup.

  9. 5 min cooking is great but would like to see completed item ! They are funny spontaniously, dont throw in slapstick .

  10. I used to be a huge fan Scot Haney but once this genuinely funny guy got the BetterCT gig he changed dramatically. The latest and last straw for me was his extreme reaction to Richard Blumenthal’s passing on an appearance on Better. He clearly took it as a personal affront. What’s even more frightening is that the ranting became a news item. No one turns down the great and wonderful Haney!

    If I’m wrong about that, then I would respectfully request that Scot demonstrate comparable indignation regarding Linda McMahon’s refusal to appear in any more debates – a decision that is a great deal more important to the electorate.

    Better still, avoid political commentary altogether.

  11. Scott, please look on Victoria Rowells history and see that Wynton Marsallis was married to Victoria. Today you said he had 4 children and never married, what a life.

    If, I am mistaken I apologize,but if you were wrong, then let your audience know the real facts.
    Mrs. Edwards

  12. Kara and Scot rock!

    Since Oprah has now left – I appreciate them a bit more!


    – Neil the Deal …

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