Welcome Back, Coleen


A coup for FoxCT – Coleen Marren is returning as News Director, a position she held back when the station’s 10pm news first went on the air in the 90s. Coleen is leaving KDKA in Pittsburgh as News Director; prior to that she has served as N.D. at WCVB in Boston, WISN in Milwaukee and WFXT in Boston. In the early 90s she oversaw the first expansion of the station’s 10 pm newscast –including taking it from 5 days a week to nightly, and from half hour to 60 minutes. Prior to her first stint at Fox 61 she was in news management at WTNH and very highly regarded.

A great person and the market is lucky to have her back.


2 Responses

  1. Coleen is the woman who hired me at Fox 61 back in 1995. I can’ t say enough about this woman. She was a great boss, a real news hound and grew up in Connecticut. I am REALLY happy to have her back.
    She’s been gone too long!

  2. I am delighted with Coleen’s return to Connecticut. I publicly mourned her move to Boston during an AP awards ceremony where her news operation gleaned quite a few awards for excellence in journalism. I expect her encore appearance will mean more of the same.

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