An Above-the-Fold Doozy

Somehow…somehow…in announcing that US Senate candidate Rob Simmons will drop out today, the Hartford Courant used Peter Schiff’s picture and labelled it “Simmons”.


4 Responses

  1. ouch

  2. Another reason why people don’t want to buy the Hartford Courant, shotty reporting.

  3. Andrew,

    The word is “shoddy.” And reporting has nothing to do with the use of an incorrect photo.

    The Courant’s copy desk, which would have been a last line of defense, has been decimated by layoffs. This type of mistake is an inevitable result.

  4. This is what happens when a once proud staff is reduced to bare bones by layoffs in a bankrupt company. Their TV news station has cut a lot of corners too..look at their reporters..all around 25, green, cheap, and with poor reporting chops. It’s the new Tribune company.

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