Mike Collins

Michael CollinsMichael Collins Speaking At Quinnipiac in 1997 (Fox CT / June 26, 2010)

Longtime Connecticut broadcaster Michael Collins has died and police are investigating this as a possible poisoning, according to the New Haven Register…


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  2. Anon, Don’t hate newspapers, nohnitg I love more than a lazy morning a pot of coffee and a really thick newspaper.However, I read Investors Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.I disdain the Hartford Courant. Truly a rag destined for the bird cage. I hold the HC accountable for years of slanted reporting, being the cheerleader excessive spending and not informing their readers of the dangers of runaway intrusive government. Turn their building into office condos and let something productive for once come out of it.I even read the NYT sometimes.Regards “renaissancewoman”, key word in your post is “our college professor”. I realize they probably make up your world right now, but at some point if you do leave that insulated world, hopefully you’ll realize how isolated and incestuous college thinking is. I’ve been there enough, 3 degrees and no I am not including high school as a degree.Regards using newspaper as a “source”, the times in my life where I have had actually inside knowledge of an event have made realize that all news accounts are missing key points of information and most times key points that are just wrong. Newspapers in my opin are suspect sources of information. Many must be read and the reader must sort out what fits and what does not.The crime the Hartford Courant committed is hiring reporters of one politician slant, the people of Connecticut have spoken, they don’t like the HC enough to keep it in business.

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