Anjuli to L.A.


Anjuli Porter, who was anchoring weekend mornings at NBC Connecticut, has moved to Los Angeles. We’re told that she’s interested in pursuing entertainment reporting. Until the vacancy is filled, various staff members have been assuming morning weekend duty such as Monica Buchanan, Diana Perez and Jeff Stoecker.

Check out Anjuli’s very cool website.


6 Responses

  1. I think Jeff Stoecker should get the job!

  2. I’d love to see them give Ben Sosenko a shot!

  3. it’s funny, removed Anjuli’s bio from the website, yet they still have Andrew Pergam on there and he has been gone for a while now!

  4. Where have I been all summer? I just realized Anjuli was gone. She was smokin hot! Going to be tough to fill her shoes.

  5. […] in Boston, has been hired by NBC Connecticut to anchor the weekend morning shows. She replaces Anjuli Porter who left for L.A. this summer. Prior to working at WFXT in Boston as a reporter, Shirley worked […]

  6. To bad! Anjuli is super hot!
    She will do great in LA.
    That Perez is close to super hot, like anjuli but you know that typical NBC30….before you know it there either get married, pregnant, and move on to channel 8 or 61…

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