Desiree Resigns

The Desiree Fontaine saga has appeared to come to an end.

Desiree has resigned from her on-air position at WTNH and all charges have been dismissed.  The station is in the midst of a search to fill her roles on a permanent basis.


4 Responses

  1. im terribly shocked and saddened by this. I liked seeing her on CT Style and as the resident traffic girl. After her ordeal and her temperary leave from the station, things got boring and they hired some dude to do the traffic. I don’t know if i’ll be able to see it in the AM if this is whats to become. The late night news is different but AM will be devoted to MSNBC.

  2. John, that is hilarious!

    Why not assign Jocelyn Maminta to host the CT Style Show (or cancel the show all together and expand News8 @ noon back to the full hour?

  3. what an unfortunate situation. We all have made bad decisions in our life. Sometimes we get a pass and other times it devistates us. Everything happens for a reason. I wish her well. If this bad situation results in the voluntere work she is going to be doing for children overseas, thats a good that out weighs the bad.

  4. […] to look for a permanent host for its 12:30 pm show “CT Style” after the departure of Desiree Fontaine, but in the meantime Jocelyn Maminta is hosting and doing a nice […]

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