‘Sonia Rocks’

The current issue of New Haven Magazine profiles WTNH’s Sonia Baghdady this month under the headline, “Sonia Rocks: Channel 8’s Cover Girl Comes of Age”.  Sonia graces the cover of the magazine which can be purchased at the following locations if you do not have a subscription:

News Haven
1058 Chapel Street
New Haven

Union News
50 Union Ave. (Union Station)
New Haven


3 Responses

  1. The lines between “journalist” and “celebrity entertainer” become blurred beyond recognition with magazines like this.

    Bagdady has clearly chosen the latter with that attempt at a sexy pose on a local mag cover. Why doesn’t she just join the cast of some reality network show or go into film or runway modeling or something?

    She seems like a very lovely woman. But she READS THE NEWS on a local station. Now she’s a “Cover Girl”? If I were a local newsreader, I would have politely declined the mag”s request for a cover shoot/story like this.

  2. Why was it so ok for Denise D. from WFSB to grace the cover of the premier edition of Hartford Magazine? Double standard or selective memory, or is this really Ann Nyberg or Joclyn M? LOL

  3. Sonia has the biggest hair I’ve ever seen! Is there a midget behind her holding it up?

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