Best of Connecticut 2010

We are suckers for a ‘Best Of’ list.  Especially when it involves Connecticut.

Connecticut Magazine has released its ‘Best of Connecticut 2010’ list for its September issue.  Congratulations to the winners!


4 Responses

  1. Ballsy call on Meryl Streep. Cutting edge.

  2. I disagree with you and what I perceive as your sarcasm, Gerry.
    Who today is superior and more accomplished than Meryl Streep?
    Hollywood tells us it’s the likes of Angelina Jolie; Cameron Diaz; Drew Barrymore; Kate Hudson; Lindsay Lohan; Sandra Bullock, etc etc etc.
    None of these women hold a candle to Ms. Streep. Hollywood throws these mediocre “actresses” at us and we’re supposed to accept them as gifted thespians. Any wonder most of their films tank? Who cares??
    Hollywood..with both its female AND current male in serious drought.

  3. Easy, Carrie. Nobody’s better than Meryl Streep.
    It’s a comment on the magazine, not the actress.

  4. Gotcha, Gerry 😉 Agree w/you.

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