Scare at Connecticut Post

From the Connecticut Post:

A man toting a backpack who walked up to some undercover federal agents saying he was “sorry” touched off a bit of a scare Thursday afternoon.

Half a dozen police cars responded to the agents’ call for backup and converged in front of the Connecticut Post offices at 410 State St.

Just When It Seemed Quiet Over There….

Jeff Levine

….comes word that Hartford Courant/FoxCT #2 guy, Jeff Levine, is leaving the building.

Here’s the memo that went out this morning from Publisher Rich Graziano:

The past year has brought extraordinary change to our company and we continue our proactive strategy of looking for efficiencies, moving with deliberate speed and prompt decision making. I want to let you know that as part of this strategy, we have eliminated the position of senior vice president, director of content held by Jeff Levine.

Naedine Hazell, Coleen Marren, Andrew Julien and the digital platform manager (to be filled) will report directly to me.

Jeff’s last day will be Friday, Oct. 1. Please join me in thanking Jeff for his hard work over the last year. We wish him well.

On Thursday afternoon, I will be holding a meeting with the newsroom to address concerns and questions in regard to this change.

From the Courant Alumni site:

Levine came from the Sun-Sentinel, a sister paper in Fort Lauderdale, and was given oversight of the Courant and Fox61 newsrooms about two years ago. Shortly thereafter he presided over the dismissal of Courant Managing Editor Bobbie Roessner and the resignation of her boss, Editor Cliff Teutsch. That was only the high-water mark of an era of fear, loathing, layoffs, losses and more fear as the television side of the business moved in and began to dominate the Courant newsroom.

More details from Courant alum George Gombossy.

Eric in the Anchor Chair

Eric Parker

Investigative reporter Eric Parker is filling in next to Irene O’Connor on WFSB’s morning news while the station searches for a permanent replacement for Mike Hydeck.

If He’s There, and She’s There, Then…What?

Image of person voting

We don’t profess to know the effect that ballot order will have on the 2010 election, but we’d like to save reporters some time, so…according to the Secretary of the State’s office (and state statute Sec. 9-251) here’s the line-up that voters will see on November 2nd:

….Governor and Lieutenant Governor, United States Senator, Representative in Congress, state senator, state representative, Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General and judge of probate.

We Hear…

..that Fox CT and NBC Connecticut are now in a video-sharing agreement. The stations will be providing vo’s and vo-sots to each other. Good for cost savings, not good for photographers’ jobs?

Second Hit of JAVA

  • Java: MaryEllen Fillo

The Hartford Courant’s MaryEllen Fillo, who writes the must-read JAVA column, can be heard weekday mornings on WDRC-FM at 6:45 am and 8:45 am with Jerry Kristafer. Now she’s also doing a Friday morning stint on the AM side during Brad Davis’ “Talk of Connecticut”  program. The 8:20 am Friday segment includes a rundown of events taking place around the state. We’re thinking this is the spot vacated by Patty Rowland? MaryEllen will do a great job.

Wesleyan Media Project

The CT Mirror pens an interesting piece this morning highlighting the work of the Wesleyan Media Project.

According to their site, the Wesleyan Media Project was established in 2010 to track advertising in federal elections and is a successor to the Wisconsin Advertising Project, which tracked political advertising between 1998 and 2008.  The project highlights that the amount of spending on Congressional TV ads from Jan. 1 through Sept. 15 came to $220 million, compared to $135 million over the same period in 2008.  In Connecticut, spending for that period was $10.4 million.  The volume of political ads is only going to increase over the next few weeks.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however.  Only 35 more days until election day and we can go back to commercials with real substance.

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