Mike Hydeck To Anchor in D.C.

Mike Hydeck

The Washington Post reports that former WFSB anchor Mike Hydeck has been hired as morning anchor by WUSA, the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.  We’re happy for him.

Hydeck started at the Gannett-owned CBS station this week, but won’t debut on-air until Oct. 18. He’ll be seen with local TV vet Roane on weekdays in the very competitive 4:30 a.m. newscast. And, 4:30 a.m., you know, is the new 11 p.m. when it comes to local-news war games.


20 Responses

  1. We’ll miss you in Hartford, Mike!! Good luck in D.C.

  2. Great for Mike. Another big blunder by WFSB. Keep comedy (Haney) but lose a pro like Mike. Go figure. I watch news for the news, not to
    be entertained by foolish antics at 5:00 am!

  3. We’re definitely missing Mike on the morning news! Good luck in DC!

  4. Shows that sometimes good things happen to good people.

  5. That is wonderful news for Mike but we will all miss him! I have faith that he’ll eventually be back. Mike loves CT and CT loves Mike! Best of luck…

  6. Good for Mike, Channel 3 was crazy to let him go or
    whatever happened is he relocating I know his
    family was all here.

  7. good for hom. In a news market with a rating now

  8. Good luck Mike. You will be missed.

  9. Mike will be better off in the DC market. I quit watching WFSB for a month and when I tuned in one morning noticed he was gone. The morning show has over the years transformed into the Gay Peta comedy hour. The level of inaccuracies and biased reporting is mind boggling, and when you email or call the news desk to point it out to them it’s received like you’re calling Walmart and getting a 16 year old. The news isn’t the news the way it used to be in the WFSB market area there really is no journalism any more, that’s a fact. Hopefully for Mike he can begin to use some of those skills that he could not keep honed here in Connecticut. Best of Luck to Mike and his family

  10. Good luck Mike! I watch the morning news from 5:30AM to around 6:30 to see what is going on. I agree with Roger, the news is definitely not professional. It seemed to change after Rachel left. Why is that at all the local news seems like something that is filmed in the lunch cafeteria?

  11. Best of luck, Mike! As an avid watcher of WFSB, I have absolutely missed you in the a.m. They should have bounced Teresa out of there, what with her crazy disco club clothes attire. You are a class act and you deserve the very best! Best wishes to you and your family and go down to D.C. and break a leg! Congrats!!!

  12. Guess I will be watching a different morning show from now on. He really was my favorite. Just got wind that Theresa is leaving in Nov to go to channel 8 too. These stations should let their newscasters ‘say goodbye’ when they leave to better themselves. I’m sure Mike will be making alot more money now in DC…..

  13. […] isn’t signed but that Eric Parker is going to be the new morning co-anchor at WFSB, replacing Mike Hydeck who is now at WUSA in Washington, D.C.  We’re happy for Eric but will miss his great court reporting which was […]

  14. Best of Luck….the morning show won’t be the same without you on Channel 3. You guys always made me start my day with a chuckle!!

  15. it is so true. The antics on the AM news are getting out of hand. There comes a point when frivolity goes to far during the morning news. Will miss MIke so much. Good luck to him.
    Why do most of the morning anchors leave WFSB?

  16. I was sorry to see Mike leave — I did enjoy the morning news and found him to be very likeable and professional — Good Luck in your new job.

  17. Haney must absolutely go before WFSB regains any respectability….What a buffoon……..

  18. Good luck Mike–You deserve better. WFSB is a joke now. Scot is such a fool and makes the news about himself.

  19. since Mike left I don’t watch the news on wfsb, he told the news with heart

  20. Good luck Mike – you have been replaced by Mr.Burns from The Simpsons

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