NY Times Highlights #Hayes Tweeters

The New York Times has an in-depth piece today on the use of Twitter during the Hayes trial (or should I say, #Hayes) and features Helen Ubinas (@NotesFromHel), Alaine Griffin (@alainegriffin), George Colli (@GeorgeColli), New Haven Register/Luther Turmelle (@nhrlive), Laurie Perez (@LauriePerez) and Rachel Guerra (@rachelgurrea).

The story details how Twitter can alter the way news is reported:

It was a perfect mix of intense local interest, and a portable medium that can go where television cameras cannot. There is no doubt it is changing trial reporting and, perhaps, trials themselves by drawing people to courtroom events as they happen and pushing out unvarnished information at the speed of light.

Twitter use in the Hayes trial has been highly publicized the past few weeks and it appears as though Connecticut reporters are breaking new ground in this medium.  They have found a new tool at their disposal but, as Helen Ubinas remarks, “the old rules [of journalism] still apply.”


One Response

  1. Great article. As one who followed the tweets, I was impressed by all the reporters who covered the trial. Tapping out those instant updates reminded me its challenging to be both reporter and editor at the same time.

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