What Up With Kerri-Lee?

Several Laurel readers have asked about Kerri-Lee Mayland who has recently been doing some anchoring at NBC Connecticut. As we reported recently, she has come to this market from Philadelphia. We have not yet caught her on air but word is she is very polished and that more than a few people over at the station wondering where she will go and who she might possibly replace…


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  1. i hope she’s not replacing Yvonne, cause a similar situation happened when Susan Goodman got preggers, had her baby and never came back. Now maybe Kerri-Lee might be a stand in for the weekend or etc, but i hope she’s not the one to replace Yvonne or someone from the 6pm newscast.

  2. She can replace that giggler that does the 6 pm news.

  3. Maybe Lauren Petty is moving on?

    Maybe Kerri-Lee will take-over the 11am hour?

    What I don’t understand is why they needed to bring on another anchor when they have people like Monica Buchanan, Jeff Stoecker and Diana Perez on staff who have proven that they are more than capable to anchor.

    If I were in control I would put the following anchor team in place at NBC CT

    NBC CT Today Weekdays – Brad Drazen and Yvonne Nava

    NBC CT Today 11am – Jeff Stoecker and Lauren Petty (Jeff continues to report for the morning shows)

    NBC CT Weekday evenings
    5pm – Lauren Petty and Lisa Carberg
    6pm – Gerry Brooks and Keisha Grant

    NBC CT Today Weekends – Kerri-Lee Mayland

    NBC CT Weekend Evenings – Monica Buchanan

    Shirley Chan isn’t doing it for me… sorry

  4. She can replace ANY of their on-air talent?
    Petty, Stoecker, Drazen, they ALL mail it in every day.
    If I were in control they’d all (most of them) would be gone and I’d take the best of their best and put them upfront, hire some newbies and start rebuilding that station!

  5. Hey guys. I found this on Mayland previously Halkett.

    Kerri-Lee Halkett was awarded the 2009 Emmy for “Best Anchor” in the Mid-Atlantic region. She also won the same honor in 2007, when she was honored with an Emmy for “Best Anchor.”

    Kerri-Lee first came to FOX 29 in 2002 and has co-hosted Good Day Philadelphia, launched the 11am news as well as the 5pm news. Most recently, she and Thomas Drayton launched the brand new 6pm News as well as working on the 10pm newscast.

    A native of Victoria, British Columbia, Kerri-Lee’s work has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Society of Professional Journalists, Arizona Broadcasters Association, William Randolph Hearst Foundation and the National Headliner’s Association.

    Kerri-Lee came from Boston where she was a weekend 10pm anchor and reporter at WFXT-TV.

    She was nominated for several New England Emmy’s, taking first place in the “National Headliner” competition for her work during 9/11.

    She was one of the only journalists to get inside Ground Zero, where she filed reports for two weeks on what was happening where the World Trade towers once stood.

    Before moving to Boston, Kerri-Lee launched “SkyFOX” in Washington, D.C. at WTTG, as a breaking news helicopter reporter. She was invited to the White House to be part of a transportation summit with Vice-President Al Gore, and former Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater. Kerri-Lee also filled in as an anchor on the station’s newscasts and reported from the ground.

    She graduated from Arizona State University’s acclaimed Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 1995.

    While there, she earned several collegiate awards, and scholarships, and was nationally ranked by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation for Television News and Radio Reporting.

    Before leaving Arizona, she spent time at KTUC in Tucson, KTAR Radio in Phoenix , and former CBS affiliate, KSAZ-TV.

    Kerri-Lee moved to the East Coast in 1995, to take a job as weekend evening anchor at the ABC affiliate in Salisbury, Md.
    Now, she calls Philadelphia home, and remains very committed to the community. She is an adjunct professor at Temple University and teaches a senior class aimed at helping graduates get their first job in the business.

    Kerri-Lee is also a fitness fan, who works with the staff at PhillyFit magazine on their PhillyFit bashes, which aim to raise awareness of the importance of health and exercise for kids and adults. She is also a contributing writer to Philadelphia Style Magazine, and is the “Green Editor” for Philadelphia Row Home Magazine, even appearing as their “Cover Girl” for the Spring 2009 issue.

    Kerri-Lee has been featured in New Woman Magazine, ‘W’ Magazine, Philly Fit Magazine, SJ Magazine, Times Philadelphia Magazine as well as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Bucks County Courier-Times, The Delaware County Times and other prominent publications.

    In her spare time Kerri-Lee and her young son Van love to spend time outdoors with her husband Kirt and the family dog, Arlo. They love to bike in and around the Philadelphia area, as well as rock climb, hike, kayak, ski and travel.

    They live in Center City Philadelphia.

  6. I remember this reporter a couple husbands ago when her name was Kerri Lee Torregrossa. Was working in D.C. during the ’90s. Haven’t yet seen her on channel 30.

  7. She has the worst practiced speaking voice on television. Big giant throaty inhales every time she is about to speak. She is so boring. And so yesterday. Make believe and like watching paint dry. For the minute that I watched her. NBC/Ct may have made the worst moves this past year. Simply Amazing.

  8. I used to watch her in Philly. Now I catch clips of her on the ‘net to compensate. HUGE loss for Fox Philly. Ratings have reportedly dropped off a cliff since she left. Big pick-up for a small market CT station. Couple of years and she will be doing NBC national news….

  9. Kevinotisotis,

    I think she had a cold actually her first week of work, which would explain “the throaty inhales.” I love her! Great get for us. Everyone I know is talking about her

  10. I stopped watching WVIT morning news months ago due to anchor Yvonne Nava. She just seems to dum down the news and presents the news in such a way that the views are just plain dolts. What a welcome relief to see and hear someone such as Kerri-Lee Mayland who presents the news in a professional way and treats her views intelligently! Kudos!

  11. Diana, Cold or no cold, that’s how she talks. It’s a practiced way of speaking. You may think it’s a great get, but I think that they lost they get that they had. Monica is far superior. I actually left the television on when she was with Brad and Bob. There is no one else on television that would make me keep watching those two. Especially the new hire. She is like watching paint dry. Monica was full of life.

  12. Not a big fan of Kerri-Lee Mayland. She seems way too into herself and is boring as hell. I’d rather have Keisha Grant or Yvonne Nava .. they seem more conversational, have a personality and are more interested in what’s going on. Kerri-Lee is just reading a teleprompter…nothing else…WVIT can get anyone to do that. Send Kerri-Lee back to Philly.

  13. Love her love her love her. Best thing that’s happened to our stale newscast scene in eons. Nice job NBC 30. You finally have some worthwhile eye candy with brains.

  14. Agree with Dave, 100% Kerri cookie cutter type, boring boring boring

  15. The real big story is Jeff Saperstone who is the obvious choice to pair with Lisa at night. New lineup that could help us;
    mornings: Gerry and Yvonne
    11Am Gerry
    5-6 Brad Keisha, Brad Lisa
    11PM Jeff Lisa

  16. Not impressed so far with this reporter from Pennsylvania. Very sing-songy delivery. Hearing that she is self-absorbed explains some things, too. But channel 30 is still my favorite in Hartford.

  17. I am not a Kerri-Lee fan…she’s trying too hard… I especially don’t like the weekend pairing…she seems to overpower Shirley, who is a professional…

  18. What a pro. She is so good. Outshines her co-workers. Seems natural, very real.

  19. Gotta stick up for our girl here. I work at the station and she is super sweet really nice and surprisingly down to earth. Ok I admit I expected diva based on her experience and appearance but she is wicked cool. Ease up peeps. I’m a native too and she is one to like not beat up on.

  20. Kerri-Lee is the real deal. She is Philly’s loss. Down to earth and real and not bad to look at. “)

    Give her a chance andshe will shine for you.


  21. Interesting that after a flow of negative feedback the attention has now been redirected to her ex husband, coincidence? Seriously, who cares? She married him and had a child with the guy,so what’s that say about her? Again, who cares, the woman is boring!

  22. I agree, no personality! Who cares about her ex husband, she married him! The woman is boring…period.

  23. I agree about her past husbands. The main point is whether Mayland does a good job now that she is a reporter on channel 30.

  24. I think its great to see Kerri Lee so happy. I worked at fox while she was there, and she was always very sweet. The fact that her ex husband has been a topic on here is disturbing! I dated him , along with half the female staff at fox news and he is not even worth being mentioned! She is so much better off with out him. He could be compared to another Charlie Sheen, minus the fame.

  25. I really enjoy this woman’s presentations. What an asset for Channel 30. She is a wonderful addition. I am waiting right now for her to come on.

  26. Congratulations on the pregnancy Kerri Lee, Kirt will be a great father!

  27. I understand she is working on a segment about downs syndrome and abortion, anybody know when it will be airing?

  28. I remember Kerri from D.C. where she was a traffic reporter. Sorry to hear Fox dropped her, but they are youth oriented. No on air jobs there for ladies in their 40s. It’s nice that ch. 30 could hire her as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

  29. KL wasn’t dropped, she quit. And she’s not in her 40’s.

  30. They didn’t renew her contract, and she will be 40 in a few days! Maybe she should consider being a stay at home mom…at 40

  31. And btw Jim/Craig/Mike

    the support doubled, not drop in half, accoring to my sources who are familiar with deadbeat dad claims. pony up this month!

  32. yikes…sounds like the creepy ex is back on the web. must be having one of those “down” times he is prone too. time for the meds.

    penny wise pound poor jim/craig/mike. should have done the depo. LOL!

  33. Since when did this web page become an open forum for ex husbands and wives to air their dirt publicly? Inappropriate all around!

  34. This drama has been going on in Philly for years! They should have their own reality show, forget the news…LOL

  35. Kerri/Susanne/Christina/Janet

    Let’s focus on the news, shall we. As Anne said, this is not the place.

  36. Trust me folks and Anne and “philly mom”, I have known KL for about 10 years, she is the consumate media pro and no way she comments on this site. Good to see friends have her back though even after she has left town.

  37. Kerri was a good traffic reporter when she was in D.C. Congrats to her on having another kid. I hope she has given up smoking!

  38. Keri Lee! I love you and Shirley together and I thought what I saw was a baby bump on TV but was not sure. CONGRATULATIONS. You are positively glowing. And you seem like such a fun person you will have a great time being a new mommy. My family’s heartfelt wishes of good luck with your growing family.
    Berlin, CT

  39. Lets not get started with the soap opera marrages some of the nbc30 reporters/anchors have.

  40. Kerri Lee is so much better off with her new husband! Previous husband is a total mental case!

  41. I am wondering if Kerri-Lee has had her baby yet? I knitted her a baby blanket as my family and I just love her and we are so excited for her family’s new addition. Though I have to say, I miss watching her alot. It’s not the same without her humor and zest for life and fashion.

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