Matt Scott Leaving WTNH

WTNH Meteorologist Matt Scott announced on this morning’s Sunday newscast that he will be leaving the station. We’re very sorry to hear that his contract was not renewed and that his last day will be New Year’s Eve – and judging from the reactions on Facebook, he has lots of disapppointed friends and fans. The good news is that he is going back to the Chaz & A.J. show on WPLR-FM as the news guy so he’s staying in the area.

Diane Smith

32 Responses

  1. does anyone even watch wtnh anymore?

  2. I am glad I will still be able to listen to Matt on PLR in the mornings. You have to wonder who makes the decisions of who stays and who gets cut. I have enjoyed watching and listening to Matt over the years and I am not alone. At least Matt has a personality and is fun to watch ! Good Luck Matt at PLR.

  3. I just recently met Matt. He is a very smart guy. I have no doubt we will be “seeing” him soon enough.

  4. Matt does seem like a nice a guy, and I wish him well, but I always thought of him more as a show or gameshow host, talkshow host type, etc, anyway, more of an announcer than a meterologist. But 2 weathercasters gone inside of a week in this just goes to show you the nature of the TV news biz…it stinks, w/no real job security for the on air personalities, they change w/the whims of management. It’s really more like “show biz,” and I guess the folks we see working on TV news must know this.

  5. WTNH is being run by a couple of guys who are in love with big boobs and no brains. Aside from that, there is no rational as to why they decide what they do. Most of the time, it’s about vindicativeness. Thank god, Kirk Varner is also leaving and will wreck lives in his new gig in Cincinnati. Now, if we could get rid of Mark Captain Shultz Wiggins, it would be perfect.

  6. WTNH has shoved aside real Journalists for hair, clothes makeup and chest.
    Why move Ted Koppy, Keith Koontz, Ann Nyberg, Jocalyn Mamenta for the junk they have on now.Too bad the station is now comprised of brainless cardboard cut outs.

  7. Agree w/Natalie..
    Demoting Ann Nyberg, a seasoned, trusted anchor, for Miss Bagdaddy (who I’m sure is a nice girl) who is fluffier (–read: much YOUNGER) was a disgrace and an insult to viewers…what kind of idiots do these news station managers think we are? (Fox in Hartford did the exact same thing…look what a joke they are now!)

  8. The same things being said about Sonia were said about Ann Nyberg when they got rid of Diane Smith all those years ago. It was well known that they tossed the older Diane aside for the much younger and prettier Ann. Only difference is that Diane was let go where they threw Ann a bone. If they didn’t want Matt for the weather any longer they should have given him CT Style where he would have shined.

  9. Good Riddance. Now I can watch Annie on the week-ends. If there was a more annoying person on television, I hadn’t seen him…

  10. I agree with Kevin,
    Annie is stellar and didn’t need the antics of Matt.
    Weekend news will be much better now.

  11. Thank G-D for C. 3 and Fox’s Ch. 61!!! No: Darren Kraemer (sp?), Keith Koontz, Ann Nyberg, and various other clueless people. Ch.8 even let the great Marci Izzard go. To Ch. 8’s benefit it is a pleasure to see Ted Koppy on the air with Sonia as he actually delivers the news without drooling over Sonia and/or making stupid wisecracks.

  12. […] last stop was WRC, the NBC Affiliate in D.C. Presumably he is replacing Matt Scott whose contract was not renewed but who can be heard weekday mornings on […]

  13. When asked by a caller this morning on PLR. what should be done with the new weather forecaster on WTNH,Mr. Scott answered ” I don’t know” and laughed.
    When the host of PLR asked if they hired a new guy already, Mr Scott answered “I don’t know”, again laughed.
    Mr. Scott is fully aware there is a replacement for the weekend weather and Steve has done great job.
    Great change for the new year.
    Welcome to WTNH, Steve.

  14. Okay, so let’s be at least FAIR to Matt and WTNH if not civil.

    It is very hard to say ANYTHING after you have gotten the bullet from your last TV/radio job. If you say you’re glad you are out of there then you are saying nasty things about your former co-workers. If you say you wish you were still there then you are whining. And you never….never….never…say anything about the new talent. That is just unprofessional.

    So the best thing to do is say nothing.

    As for the current talent at WTNH they are either as good or better than everyone else in the market. Reminder: Mark Davis and Erin Cox, both two top flight reporters work at Channel 8. They also employ some terrific photogs.

    If you think they are all morons then PLEASE apply for the job. I am guessing it is easier to throw stones from a distance than to actually try and do the work.

  15. Steve
    If your asked a question about former places of employment, one would think it a more mature answer to say nothing at all, but to laugh after being asked, only makes you look like a fool.

    Steve has and will continue to do a fine job.
    Not throwing stones here, just stating a fact.

  16. Sorry to see Matt Scott go. I thought he did a fine job. But on WTNH if you do a fine or excellent job, you are let go. Two huge mistakes Fox and Scott. Goodbye to Channel 8

  17. Now that we have “Snooky” reporting the traffic on WTNH…the only rational person for weather is “The Situation!”

  18. Matt & Geoff:
    Good luck. I hope your fun and knowledge will be appreciated elsewhere. Hope someone on ch 8 will report meteor showers and sky events like you guys did…Tide schedules would be a good addition.

  19. Matt, Sorry to hear of your leaving Channel 8… What were they thinking? Good luck. I will be watching Channel 3 or 30 from now on…

  20. I grew up in Ffld county and WTNH was the main station to watch for news. A few yrs ago I moved towards mid state area and everyone watched WFSB news. I stayed loyal to WTNH, but since the station obviously doesn’t understand loyalty I have watched my last WTNH news report. I’m glad Matt is back on PLR, good luck Geoff. Hello channel 3

  21. What happened to the last traffic woman from the summer?

  22. WTNH got Theresa in the morning, thank goodness she left WFSB, I could not stand her voice! and reporting that I91 is still backed up because of an accident three hours later when its cleared was getting on my nerves also. Good luck with her, won’t be long before scratches on the chalkboard sound good compared to her voice.

  23. I’m sorry to see the good guys leave WTNH. I stopped watching channel 3 because of Theresa LaBarbra (sp?). What a brainless ditz. Now I have another reason to not watch channel 8. I will be watching channel 3 again. They have real journalist and not just “fluff”.

  24. beware channel 8 employees you could be next if you get a pimple…Its all about looks/get older and your done…Wake up channel 8 you could be the loser.

  25. Just add my husband’s and my thoughts to Channel 8’s recent moves in not continuing contracts on Geoff and whatever they did with Matt. I have been watching Channel 8 since I was very young and it was Channel 6 so have seen many personalities come and go, but these latest moves are just downright ridiculous. I remember when Geoff first came to Channel 8 and feel we watched him and his family grow as the years went by. He was pleasant to watch and I enjoyed his little lessons on meteorology. I don’t remember exactly when Matt came, but enjoyed his sense of humor.
    My husband and I kept wondering where Geoff was and thought he was on vacation, but as time went by thought perhaps he was ill or something, so I checked the computer today and found I am late on getting the news, but here I am to add my husband and my displeasure over Geoff and Matt’s being let go. If there is a way to back down on the recent moves, we would appreciate Channel 8’s doing just that. And the sooner the better.

  26. Add our family to the list of those who have moved to another station/network. Perhaps I could understand letting someone of Geoff Fox’s stature go, but to do so without letting him say goodbye to a viewing public of 26 years goes beyond economics, business, and common decency. What schmucks (and idiots)!

  27. i have watched channel 8 for years . i was upset to hear that they had let geoff fox go and the way they did it. i also heard that matt scott was let go. big mistake!!! do not like theresa or the new weather guy!! who is next, dr. mel or ann nyberg?

  28. I want to add my displeasure with WTNH for the termination of both Matt Scott and Geoff Fox. I have watched channel 8 news and weather ever since I moved here from Massachusetts in 1964. These two men were two of the finest weather men on t.v.. What is the matter with the powers that be there? Are they completely oblivious to what their viewing public want? I’m totally disgusted with the way this was done……and the fact that it was done at all. You were both real and were not afraid to show that you had a personality that was all your own. Good luck to both Geoff and Matt. I, for one will miss you both.

  29. I’m always amazed at how the tv stations let the wrong people go. It seems they always drop the best people. I guess they must think their ratings might go up now.
    I think they should drop the people who don’t know quality when it’s right in front of them. What a bunch of losers those jerks are are.
    I think those people pickers might be more productive if they had a shovel in their hands and had to do some real work for a living instead of zapping the future of some real interesting meteoroligists.
    I’m always disgusted by many of those who think they know who and when to fire their workers.

  30. I actually watch more of WVIT than WTNH because I am closer to the Hartford area than to New Haven, so I’ve gotten used to those news anchors and weather people. However, I certainly do tune into WTNH often enough to be familiar with all of their people also, and I have always liked Geoff Fox. He seemed to be a great mix of a knowledgeable weather forecaster and a pleasant, likeable quick-witted guy. An more relaxed Dr. Mel (whom I love, by the way). I was shocked to hear he got bopped! What a shame. I can only imagine a great weather guy like Geoff Fox will surely find a good spot at some other station or market. I’ll be keeping a lookout for him or news of him. Thanks for all of your excellence over the years, Geoff!

    As for Matt Scott, well, he always came across, to me anyway, as a bit full of himself and more of an entertainment type of guy rather than someone who was really a true meteorologist. Won’t miss him…I’m sure he’ll keep busy with some silliness somewhere.

    We do spend so much time absorbing media, be it news, sports, do it yourself shows, cooking shows, etc. that we start to feel like these people are our friends, so it’s sad to see them go. But things keep changing so we better get used to it!

  31. I love Geoff Fox. He has CLASS. I couldn’t stand Matt Scott however. He doesn’t HAVE ANY CLASS. WTCH HAS THE LEAST AMOUNT OF CLASS OF ALL. *& they will soon see that viewers are leaving~MANY VIEWERS.

  32. i love matt scott!

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