Lieberman’s Next Campaign

Former Lieberman staffer and Wallingford native Jim Kennedy (above) wrote a loving oped for Sunday’s Hartford Courant about his old boss Joe Lieberman. We think he buried the lede (intentionally)  in that it wasn’t till the second-to-last paragraph that he put in a plug for Lieberman to become the next Secretary of Defense, adding that it would give a boost to the Democratic party if Governor Malloy could name Lieberman’s interim replacement.

I don’t know what Sen. Lieberman will do next. It would be welcomed by leaders of both parties and the military if President Barack Obama made him the next secretary of defense (a move, by the way, that would give his Democratic replacement in the Senate a leg up in the next election).

Lieberman has indicated his interest in the Defense Secretary job.

We assume the campaign for this job in very much on. Why else would a close, trusted advisor include it in this opinion piece, submitted to the state’s largest newspaper?

Editor’s note: If Lieberman leaves his U.S. Senate seat AFTER the 2011 municipal elections, Governor Malloy nominates someone to fill it. The nomination must be approved by two-thirds of the membership of each chamber. If the vacancy occurs before that time a special election fills the seat.

WTNH Rolls Out Geoff Fox’s Replacement

The hiring of Steve MacLaughlin, recently of WPIX in New York, went up on the WTNH web site today.
Something tells us this market hasn’t seen the last of Geoff Fox. Given his strong following along the Connecticut shoreline — WTNH’s stronghold — he would undoubtedly bring  viewers to one of the three Hartford-based stations. And you can envision the “Geoff Fox is Back” ad campaign.
If we’re wrong forget we said it. If we’re right, you heard it here first…

Goin’ National

New Haven Register

The New Haven Register’s unfortunate online poll on “hottest local female television personality” has been picked up by media blogs such as Dan Kennedy’s Media Nation and the national site NewsBlues.

Jim Vicevich’s Battle

WTIC-am’s Jim Vicevich (“Sound Off Connecticut”, 9am-12noon) has been upfront about his health issues; he suffers from Lupus, and his program today is dedicated to information about the disease and raising funds for the Connecticut Lupus Foundation.

Au Revoir, Ted

We are very sorry to hear that Ted Mann, political writer for the New London Day, is leaving the paper. From his last blog post:

And that screed will be the last. It’s been fun writing this blog for The Day, and more fun covering the characters, Democrat and Republican, of Connecticut’s government and politics. I’m bound for slightly different shores, but we leave you all in competent hands.

My colleague Matt Collette takes over tomorrow as The Day’s political writer. Read him at, and follow him on Twitter: @ColletteTheDay.

It’s been real, folks.

Greg Hladky of the Advocate newspapers reflects on the loss to the Capitol press corps.

Hartford Mag on McEnroe


Hartford Magazine’s cover story is a good interview with humorist/broadcaster Colin McEnroe of WNPR and the Hartford Courant.

Hmm…Where Did It Go?


Earlier today we referenced a poll that the New Haven Register posted asking people to vote for the “hottest female local television personality”. Perhaps more dignified heads prevailed as it seems the poll has been taken off the website.

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