A New Low…

New Haven Register

…for a Connecticut daily newspaper:

Who’s the hottest local female television personality?

We assume that a poll on the “Hottest local male television personality” will follow?


6 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Valley Indy Sentinel, Jodie Mozdzer and Stephen Wood, The Laurel. The Laurel said: The New Haven Register embarrasses itself http://t.co/snPVRoK […]

  2. What about NBC 30?

  3. I agree completely with the author on this one. A new low for the NHR, who gives a rat’s behind about these new-generation reality tv stars who put themselves forward as journalists.

  4. […] around. The poll (which has now been removed) prompted some bloggers to label the poll “a new low” and “way out of […]

  5. There does seem to be some sort of effort within the television news business to encourage women to wear sweaters 2 sizes too small.

    Seems like sort of a cheap stunt that only the real pros are able to avoid, and then only if they’re over 45 or so.

    Too bad too – some of us would rather get our news from an actual grownup.

    Personally, I’m partial to Nyberg as I think she’s as authentic as was radios Bob Steele.
    No act, Bob Steele was the same guy off the air as on.
    I think Ann Nyberg’s the same way – no act.

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