Lieberman’s Next Campaign

Former Lieberman staffer and Wallingford native Jim Kennedy (above) wrote a loving oped for Sunday’s Hartford Courant about his old boss Joe Lieberman. We think he buried the lede (intentionally)  in that it wasn’t till the second-to-last paragraph that he put in a plug for Lieberman to become the next Secretary of Defense, adding that it would give a boost to the Democratic party if Governor Malloy could name Lieberman’s interim replacement.

I don’t know what Sen. Lieberman will do next. It would be welcomed by leaders of both parties and the military if President Barack Obama made him the next secretary of defense (a move, by the way, that would give his Democratic replacement in the Senate a leg up in the next election).

Lieberman has indicated his interest in the Defense Secretary job.

We assume the campaign for this job in very much on. Why else would a close, trusted advisor include it in this opinion piece, submitted to the state’s largest newspaper?

Editor’s note: If Lieberman leaves his U.S. Senate seat AFTER the 2011 municipal elections, Governor Malloy nominates someone to fill it. The nomination must be approved by two-thirds of the membership of each chamber. If the vacancy occurs before that time a special election fills the seat.


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  1. […] possibly as the Secretary of Defense. That possibility was pointed out by The Laurel website which referenced a Hartford Courant op-ed by former Lieberman Jim Kennedy. Kennedy wrote, “…I don’t know what […]

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