Where’s Garett?

Some Laurel readers have pointed out that Fox CT meteorologist Garett Argianis is no longer on the station’s website or in its promos. Apparently the writing was on the wall last month when  Rachel Frank was promoted to “chief meteorologist” and Garrett was moved to weekends.


11 Responses

  1. was Rachel ever given the title of ‘Chief Meteorologist’?? Looks like Joe Furey would be getting that title, especially with his placement in all the advertisements, being front and center

  2. It’s sad to see these stations play with people’s livelihoods….
    both of them are not great, I don’t even watch fox actually, cant stand their anchors/reporters, but wow, what a year for change!
    JUST not change for the better

  3. I never watch Fox61 as I also do not care for their anchors and reporters either. I do recall Garret from his NBC30 days. He seemed to be competent and a nice enough guy. But he also never seemed to be comfortable on-air, almost shy, which made him appear stiff. I recall orginally thinking the Fox61 move may have been premature for him.

  4. Agree w/Bob..watch Fox 61 news less and less these days w/all the “newbie” youngsters they have given us to replace older, more experienced folks. Was surprised to see they dumped Garrett only a couple of years after they let Mike Friedman go. Mike & Justin were far better, more polished, and Garrett seemed knowledgable but shy and stiff and VERY young. TV news is a rough biz for these types w/no apparent job security. That’s show biz, folks…:)

  5. A weather person or anyone on news should be knowledgeable and serious about what they are doing. Rachel Lutzker’s has no credibility when they have her do fill in as a reporter then she’s shilling used cars and windows. Garret was serious, smart and genuinely knowledgable and could explain complex weather systems in an easy to understand manner. Rachel Frank with her childish attitude and silly videos can’t be taken seriously ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xARRbXU_-es&feature=related Fox 61 is just the pits.

  6. Isn’t he still on the billboard outside the building though?

  7. Watched the news last night. No one called her the chief so it must be Joe. Rachel Frank does look young, but she seemed confident and her forecast was to the point. I’m just happy I don’t work in the TV biz.

  8. Rachel Frank is embarassing. If anyone watched 30 Rock last night, she’s got the whole “little girl” thing down pat.

    Clearly 61 is trying out News 8’s “Let’s just put hot chicks out there” strategy.

  9. Jim, that’s just rude.
    Most of you need to just grow up.

    Why do adults feel the need to act like children on the internet.

  10. I agree with Jim

  11. I like Bob Maxon myself. None of the Haney silliness or chicken little “The sky is falling ” weather.

    Lost respect for Joe Furey when he did one of those weight loss drinks that ended up being pulled from the shelves by the FDA .

    Yes Rachel Frank maybe just a pretty face but she does know her stuff. She even works on the weather from her house after she is off the air.

    I want to know when Haney will get canned he is annoying

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