Fox to Fox?

Friends within FoxCT’s newsroom report that former WTNH meteorologist Geoff Fox is making his third visit to the station and is walking around getting acquainted with staff…

Readers will recall that in January, Geoff was unceremoniously “let go” from WTNH after 26 years.


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  1. Fantastic news. Geoff should have never been let go in the first place. I used to watch Ch 8 all the time for the weather. Since he left I find myself flipping channels all over the place from one network to another. Hopefully he gets a full time position. Personally, I would love to see him be put on at night, and move Rachel Frank to the morning shift.

  2. Just to clarify – Today was my first visit to Broad Street. Very impressive. I miss the electricity of a newsroom on deadline.

  3. Fox CT has a job posting for a weekend meteorologist… Dan Amarante has been covering both shifts since Garret left

  4. i don’t even watch channel 8 news anymore since Geoff was let go!! huge mistake WTNH

  5. No offense, but not everyone in Ct is a fan of Mr. Fox, including myself.
    He had a contract which was not renewed, that is far from being fired as many seem to feel. It isn’t like they came up to him mid-contract and said “pack your bags”. This kind of thing happens a great deal to many people, Geoff just happened to have been on television. Not a celebrity, just a weatherman.
    Now it appears he is doing a Katie Couric: “I don’t know what I am doing as yet”.
    Hmmm, having lunch with Ms.Frank and now touring the Fox studio, I think the writing is soon to be on a contract.
    I always liked Fox News and Garret did a great job,he never played to the cameras. I was sorry to see him “tossed to the curb” as one said about Geoff.
    I’m sure Mr Fox will land somewhere,despite not having cameras to play to, he did manage to let everyone know his every move.
    Perhaps this is why his contract wasn’t renewed.
    Matt was just as bad.

  6. For someone that complains about CT weather I guess I should be surprised Mr. Fox is staying but I’m not. Fox61 was probably the only option at this time because everyone has a full weather team.

    I have nothing about Mr. Fox or Mr. Scott but I have to agree with Sarah. They were not fired, their contracts were not renewed. Plus the only reason Mr. Fox wasn’t allowed to finish his contract on the air was because of the people that are called his fans for acting the way they were. He might not have been able to say goodbye to his fans but he most certainly did receive a paycheck until the end of his contract.

  7. […] dismissed earlier this year by WTNH after 26 years with the ABC-affiliate, was spotted making his third visit to Fox-affilate […]

  8. If he was dismissed he would not have been paid out for the rest of his contract.

  9. Geoff Fox Out at WTNH
    Posted on January 6, 2011 by dubymcd
    Geoff Fox

    WTNH’s 26-year veteran meteorologist Geoff Fox learned on Wednesday that his contract is not being renewed.

  10. Katie
    If he was let go and told not to finish his contract
    which was up at the end of Feb he should be and
    probalby was paid. Lin-Media let him go because
    they are stupid they are trying to be a youger station
    and guess what they are going down the tubes. He
    was there 26 years and he was great. I am sure
    he was not perfect but who is. They keep Dr. Mel
    who can barely stand and hire Eddie Munster give me a break . I will watch Geoff whereever he goes in

  11. Geoff is a victim of the times – declining viewership and the resulting decline in advertising revenue. I do not see where WTNH has “traded up” with their new hires, but they are no doubt saving on the bottom line and for a business – that’s all that really matters.

  12. So hope Geoff stays in CT. Never mind the negative comments by some of the above posters. If you don’t like people, don’t watch. I can safely say that there are about 10,000+ viewers here in CT that miss Geoff and will watch him faithfully if he goes to another local station. Lin Media and WTNH deserve all the bad press they get. You don’t oust a person for 26 years and call his viewers “distractions”… Call it a sign of the times, etc. it was truly bad manners.

  13. @ Lisa… I like Geoff to but there is a big difference to not renewing his contract and being fired. Did WTNH make a mistake? I tend to agree especially since I’m not very fond of Mr. McLaughlin either. I have been a fan of Steve Villanueva since he worked for WWOR Channel 9 out of NJ, we always got their news and would watch because he was excellent. I doubt they will ever get rid of Dr. Mel until he decides to leave because of his illness.. if you all think hell was raised over Mr. Fox think of the chaos created if they let Mel go.

    Bob F. is correct that Mr. Fox fell victim of the times, and because there was a new GM who seemed to be wanting to shake things up.. I think the new GM should be shaken out of there, but that is just mho.

    Evi, I think there are more than 10 thousand that miss him and watched him faithfully.

  14. Mr. Fox just made it official on Facebook that he is indeed going to FoxCT… I wish him well

  15. I’m thrilled for Geoff! Going back to my “old haunt” of 11 years, huh….(though, w/so many of my former colleagues now long gone, it’s a virtually new place now)!

    Geoff is a real nice guy, a serious student and practitioner of this wonderful science of ours and he’s the genuine article. And, for me, he represents a bright light of hope for those mets who wish to face the harrowing challenge of staying employed and relevant in the biz when you’re male and past…saaay..45! 🙂 For CT weather viewers, this is also very nice news.

    Best wishes and Mazel Tov, Geoff…I follow you on Twitter, and I hope we stay in touch.

    Michael Friedmann
    PS..Love, Love, Love Daylight Saving Time..Happy Spring, everyone! 🙂

  16. I’m happy he’s going to be doing something other than weather. I’ve always liked his technology pieces and his Inside Space program he did on SciFi. Weather you can find anywhere but his techno stuff is hard to find

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