Garett Back at 30

Meteorologist Garett Argianis, who started in this market at NBC CT, then went to Fox CT, is back at NBC CT part-time.

7 Responses

  1. Congrats and welcome back to NBC CT

  2. wow this is embarassing for NBC. i stopped watching fox when he was on-i will stop watching nbc as well! time to check out fox again!

  3. i don’t think he was fired by NBC… He was a weekend freelance guy who left to take a full-time chief job.

    Wonder why NBC CT need him? Maybe they are feeling the pain since all the other networks in CT (except wfsb) have 5 meteorologists.

  4. That choirboy Sweeney and Maxon are history….good riddance.

  5. I don’t remember Garett on NBC CT, maybe he didn’t make much of an impression on me? At any rate I’ll keep an eye out for him now.

  6. I think NBC’s team is the best. No hype, no scare, just the facts.

    I’ll be honest, I dont care if a station has 3, 4, 5, 10 meteorologists, we as a family need to like what we watch/see and get GOOD information.

    The team at nbc is great. I’ll have to agree with one of the first posts. We didn’t like to watch this guy on Fox and we aren’t all too happy he’s joining NBC. I hope he’s only on once in a while (when we’re not watching)

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