Irene Whacks WFSB

WFSB went off the air on Sunday during the height of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. We’re told that the problems started when the town of Rocky Hill, where the station is located, lost power. The station’s generator failed so for a period of 45 minutes to an hour, the station was off the air.


4 Responses

  1. But how about mentioning the fact that they were showing CSI reruns as the storm surge was coming in and as the winds were picking up?

    They are running commercials saying they “stayed around the clock”..I didn’t see them. I put on NBC’s coverage, they were there all through the night and into the next day. I felt safe watching them, no hype Good information. Kudos to them, they really showed they can be a force in this city!

  2. I totally agree with Mark. NBC Connecticut did a great job while the storm was winding up. I missed the coverage once my power and internet was gone.

  3. They deserved it for repeatedly interrupting the Patriot’s game with inane weather “updates.”

    If its so G-D important run them during the commercial breaks…

  4. NBC30 did a GREAT job overall.. I was a bit surprised .. Expected 61 to come in better especially with the WTIC connection .. needed to go 24/7 and only NBC30 cared enough to do it .. KUDOS!!!

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