Departures + Arrivals at NBC Connecticut

We’re told that reporter Ben Sosenko left NBC Connecticut for the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, while Malini Basu has joined the reporter ranks.

Weekend anchor Lauren Petty recently gave birth to Lila Elizabeth (above)…and Kerri-Lee Mayland also has a new baby girl. Congrats!

7 Responses

  1. Congrats to Lauren And Kerri Lee on the birth of their Daughters!!!

  2. Also a new sports anchor made his NBC CT debut last night. His Name is John Chandler.

  3. Welcome to CT, Malini !!

  4. So sad about Ben leaving. He was a terrific reporter and great at the sports desk – his enthusiasm shined through as well as his sense of humor. Is Sacramento a larger market than Hartford? Oh well..Hartford’s loss is Sacramento’s gain. Best of luck to a really good guy.

  5. I agree. Ben is a loss. His enthusiasm was refreshing!

  6. Ch 30 is doing itself no favors lately, losing many of its more charismatic and informed crew (like Ben), while allowing some of the personality-free war horses who have been around forever to continue to drone on. Does anyone at the station evauate Q ratings? Time for a good houseclearning, Ch 30. You are fast devolving into WFSB.

  7. Malini basu we were wondering where you went. Channel 6 is not the same without you. We only watched because Of you. How can we watch you in rhode island?

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