Curtis to Salt Lake


After three years at WFSB, meteorologist Curtis Grevenitz has been hired away by the ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City (where former WFSB Executive Producer Shawana Perry is Assistant News Director). He’s been asked to change his on-air name to “Curtis Ray”.  Seriously. But best of luck to Curtis!


12 Responses

  1. NO!!!!
    Tell him to stay here — he can keep his name the same!!

  2. That stinks!! Curtis ray sounds so Lame!!!! Way to leave us for the Mormons!

  3. Curtis,
    That’s horrible! That’s like the boxer “Sugar Ray.” That’s so not you. They wouldn’t let you go by Curtis Grev?

  4. I think its horrible that they are requesting that he change his name. It suites him fine. Should have stay
    ed at WFSB where they appreciate him for who he is. He will be missed!!!

  5. NOOOOOOOOOO, please don’t go! He’s the best with Scot Haney that WFSB3 has. How could they let him go? And to want him to change his name? How demeaning. I just loved him on w//e’s with Heather. Too bad.

  6. I am very sad to learn that Curtis is leaving. Every weekend I look forward to watching Curtis and Heather so the announcement on Sunday was a total shock.

    I wish that WFSB could do a better job of keeping their most popular (and professional) folks.

  7. Hi Curtis. Great to have you in Utah. I happened to switch to Ch 4 and there you were . Guess where I lived before May? In Connecticut…. I didn’t recognize the last name so I was a bit thrown off. So welcome my fellow New Englander.

  8. Now, why would the good people of Utah require him to change his name? Gosh, I doubt it could have anything to do with ethnic prejudice. Whatever the case, he’ll be missed here in Connecticut, where he was far superior to the clown who appears on Channel 3 every weekday morning.

  9. I watched the weekend morning news and weather because of you. Shocked to see you gone. Need to find a new Channel, but we don’t get Utah here in CT. No one should ask you to change your name. I’m surprised you went for it.

  10. What a talented young weatherman that WFSB let slip away…the best to you Curtis…..New England will beckon again……

  11. Good luck
    Miss u on wfsb
    Know you are doing well

    Nancy szymaszek

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