Tribune/Courant Buys Hartford Magazine

Hartford Magazine

Christopher White

Chris White, the Publisher of Life Publications/Hartford Magazine, posts on his Facebook page that Hartford Magazine has been sold to the Hartford Courant:

I wanted you to all hear the great news from me before you read it somewhere, but today (after 7 months of negotiations and work), I sold Hartford Magazine to the Hartford Courant/Tribune. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I am so proud of my entire staff who helped transform a struggling magazine we acquired into a truly valuable commodity, respected and appreciated by its many loyal readers


3 Responses

  1. Hartford magazine is crap. It is nothing but a wealthy ad circular interspersed with feel-good features about chefs in those restaurants you eat at and well-dressed people at that party you went to last weekend.

    I beg the Courant to dump Hartford magazine into the sea.

  2. Thank God this magazine is out of the hands of a wanna-be player in the community. This magazine has been garbage for years. The stuff we could read for free in his lousy “Life” newspapers we were expected to pay $5 for?! Get out of here. Take the money and run, run far away. Run to the land of insignificance, Chris. And take your hack writers with you.

  3. In this months Hartford Magazine:
    Aspirational pandering fluff.
    Suck up feature story on Billy Grant.
    Photos of “benefactors” holding oversized checks for charity.
    Photo spread on local merchants in hopes that they will spend money on ineffectual adverts.
    And don’t forget the Top This and That un audited “Readers Poll” which coincidentally happens to feature those who advertise.
    Next month, Gino Aureimma favorite pre game recipes

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