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Tuesday evening, January 3rd, WNPR will carry the feed from the local public radio station in Iowa as the caucus results are broadcast:

Iowa holds the “first in the nation” caucus – and WNPR will bring you live coverage all evening long.  Starting at 8pm, we’ll turn to our colleauges at Iowa Public Radio. They’ve been following the Republican Presidential candidates from straw polls to county fairs to televised debates, and will provide news, insight and analysis.  At 10pm, we’ll join NPR coverage hosted by Robert Siegel – and featuring NPR contributors and reporters.  Please join us for Iowa Caucus Special coverage – all evening long from WNPR, Connecticut’s Public Radio Station.




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  1. im 11 and its my first one to and im rlly scared but all im doing is syntiag inside and keeping calm i read tht people have died NOT from the lack of common sense ! it was either a tree falling or wind damage but one man died from a heart attack from i think protecting the windows its really scary but serious 😥 i hope no one else dies

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