Al Terzi Leaving WFSB

Al Terzi is leaving WFSB after spending 28 of the last 44 years working there (some were at WTNH, some at a station in Florida).  His last day is this Friday. Al and WFSB General Manager Klarn DePalma have confirmed that they couldn’t agree on contract terms.
From Al’s WFSB bio:

Al’s current tenure at Channel 3 began in January 1994.  He had previously worked for Channel 3 from 1968-1978, and then spent two years in Florida, as a news anchor and news director at a station in West Palm Beach.   During that period, he survived a devastating accident, when the airplane he was piloting developed fuel problems and crash-landed in a wooded area during a trip to Tallahassee.

In 1980, Al returned to Connecticut, to work at WTNH-TV in New Haven, where he served 14 years until returning to Channel 3.

The question seems to be….will he appear on another Connecticut television station?


3 Responses

  1. Well that stinks!

  2. Sure sounds like he is headed somewhere. I wonder where?

  3. […] a little confused. When Al Terzi left WFSB there was rampant speculation among his fellow broadcasters as to where he would land. The folks at […]

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