McEnroe (and others) to WTIC’s Rowland: “Welcome Back, Sweet Prince”

Where do we begin?

The Register Citizen reported this week that WTIC-am says former Governor John Rowland will remain on the air.

In case you somehow missed it, former Governor and current WTIC-am talk show host John Rowland is being scrutinized for his role in Lisa Wilson-Foley’s campaign for congress (5th c.d.) and his efforts to get hired surreptitiously by the Mark Greenberg campaign in the last election cycle. Rowland, described by Colin McEnroe of WNPR and The Hartford Courant as “the gift that keeps on giving,”  has inspired the state’s leading news organizations and scribes over the past few days. A sampling:

New Haven Register editorial: “Once a Crook, Always a Crook?”

Courant/Kevin Rennie: “Rowland Dalliance Fatal for Wilson-Foley”

The Day/Dick Ahles: “Rowland Cannot Escape His Past”



One Response

  1. Unfortunately Rowland’s latest behavior is not surprising. What IS difficult to fathom is the slow and steady devolution of WTIC. Very sad…

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