On Eve of 5th District Nominating Convention, Dr. Petit Comments on WNPR Interview

  • Dr. William Petit Jr., left, speaks to the media as his sister Johanna Chapman looks on at the Capitol in Hartford, Conn., Wednesday, April 4, 2012. The sole survivor of the deadly Cheshire home invasion made an eleventh-hour push on Wednesday to persuade members of the Connecticut Senate to oppose efforts to repeal the state's death penalty. (AP Photo/Journal Inquirer, Jim Michaud) MANDATORY CREDIT Photo: Jim Michaud, Associated Press / Journal Inquirer

Dr. William Petit has already hosted a fundraiser for 5th District GOP candidate Lisa Wilson Foley but ventured into the race again today.

Wilson Foley declined to appear on WNPR program “Where We Live” and intra-party competitor Sen. Andrew Roraback filled her slot. During the interview on Wednesday, WNPR’s John Dankosky asked Roraback about his vote against repealing the death penalty after supporting it two years ago. Today the Wilson Foley campaign sent out this letter signed by Dr. Petit and his sister:

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A Message from Dr. William Petit and Hanna Petit Chapman

Bill and I feel compelled to speak about comments made by State Sen. Andrew Roraback Wednesday on the Death Penalty. During the interview on WNPR’s “Where We Live,” Sen. Roraback defended his switch from opposition to support of the state Death Penalty. Sen. Roraback cited the plight of our family as a reason the law was “disingenuous,” since the effect of the new law would not lead to justice for current Death Row convicts.

We are very disappointed and hurt that Sen. Roraback would use our family name without our permission to provide him political cover when the repeal legislation was essentially the same bill he supported in 2009 – which he admitted in the interview.

One of the many reasons we support Lisa Wilson Foley is her consistency on this issue. Sen. Roraback’s attempt to interpret our emotions is simply politics. When we met with Sen. Roraback, we respected his initial position to oppose the Death Penalty. His comments Wednesday, in our minds, cast doubt on whether Sen. Roraback has any core convictions on important issues.

As Republicans from Plainville, we are supporting Lisa Wilson Foley because she is the best qualified to represent us in Washington, based in part, on her core principles.

We hope you will keep this mind as you choose a nominee for the U.S. Congress. We hope you will choose Lisa.

William Petit, MD

Hanna Petit Chapman


4 Responses

  1. […] As a matter of conscience, I object to their letter about Roraback. […]

  2. So Dr. Petit, for 4 years I couldn’t unfold my morning paper without your face and name being in it, after the horrible murders, during the trial, and afterwards, your disgust, your outrage, and your speaking everywhere to anyone who would listen, and NOW you’re upset someone used your name when talking about the death penalty in Connecticut? You don’t get to have it both ways, Dr. Petit.

  3. No, they can’t have it both ways, but the Petit family has never changed the opinion concerning the death penalty. I don’t blame them for being disgusted having their name being tossed around for some blowhard’s attempt to garner an election off their deceased relatives backs. The death penalty question should have been taken to the people of this state, not decided by politicians who only follow their political party’s idea like Stepford children.

  4. Actually, Katy, my state rep listened carefully when I told them about my thoughts on the death penalty. They didn’t follow like sheep about it. And I didn’t say they changed their opinions. I did say they crow on about it like a bird on a cat, and then got mad when the cat used their name to the dog. Well, either they want their name associated with the death penalty, or they don’t. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be so vocal about it all over the media for years and years. Otherwise, they make themselves public figures, and open to being mentioned on air.

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