Asking the Question “Why is John Rowland Still on WTIC?”

The Register Citizen: Northwest Connecticut's Daily Newspaper

 In an editorial published today, a Torrington Register Citizen editorial asks why WTIC, one of the state’s most venerable news outlets, has kept former governor John Rowland on his afternoon drive talk show despite the federal investigation swirling around him.

3 Responses

  1. Good question… maybe ratings.. sad commentary:(

  2. The Torrington Register Citizen has a marvelous sense of humor; “the radio gig has been part of a redemption story.” That’s rich.

    The radio gig has been part of a grubby desperate attempt to repackage the avarice and greed of John Rowland into lemon drops and sunshine and the shielding of an oblivious pathological kleptomaniac by WTIC radio.

    Who is Rowland’s demographic? People who’ve run out of batteries for their hearing aids? When the US Postal Service gets through with Rowland and the Chamber of Commerce the WTIC flap will look like a misdemeanor.

  3. You’d think WTIC would be upset and would fire him for misuse of their airwaves. It looks to me like Rowland and Wilson-Fowley owe WTIC money for using their air time to promote a candidate. At first Rowland was a “paid volunteer” until it came out he was receiving money from Wilson-Fowley’s husband for services no one can seem to explain. Money changed hands and doesn’t WTIC deserve some of it?

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